The Top UV Air Purifiers for Grow Rooms in 2022

Cannabis continues gaining mainstream acceptance, and more people are looking to grow. As a cannabis grower, are you looking to air quality in your grow room?

If so, investing in a quality UV air purifier for grow room can make a difference. Because plants need to breathe clean air to thrive, and you also need to protect yourself and others from breathing in harmful pollutants.

Don't let poor air quality affect your plants. Check out our list of the top UV air purifiers for grow rooms in 2022 and breathe easy.

Whether for personal or business use, maintaining a clean grow room is critical to the health and growth of your plants. These equipment use ultraviolet light to kill bacteria, viruses, and other harmful particles in the air.

This blog looks closely at the top UV air purifiers for grow room in 2022.

Why is air quality important for grow rooms

Cannabis grow rooms are designed to provide the ideal environment for cannabis plants to thrive. These grow rooms have advanced HVAC systems that regulate temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels, also with air purifier systems, and so on.

The ultraviolet air purifier can keep the growing room clean and free of harmful pollutants, control mold growth, eliminate airborne bacteria and viruses, and reduce the presence of toxic volatile organic compounds in the air of growing chambers.  

For Small Cannabis Growers

Without proper ventilation and air filtration, the air in your grow room can become stale, damp, and laden with contaminants. If you're growing cannabis in a small grow room, a UV air purifier can be a great addition to your setup. These compact cleaners are designed to fit easily in tight spaces and work quietly and efficiently to keep your grow room air clean and healthy.

Tips: Look for models designed for this application when shopping for a UV air purifier for grow room. These units are designed to be effective in small spaces with adjustable fan speeds to help you control airflow and achieve optimal air purification.

For Commercial Grow Rooms

Commercial cannabis growers rely on their crops for their livelihood, making maintaining optimal air quality crucial. Poor air quality can lead to significant financial losses and health hazards for workers.

When shopping for a UV air purifier for grow room, choose high-capacity models air purification and advanced features, such as industrial-strength fans and multiple purifying technologies, suitable for large-scale operations to maximize air quality and provide the best results.

Understand a UV Air Purifier for Grow Room

What is a UV Air Purifier?

A UV air purifier for cannabis grow rooms is a type of air purification system that uses ultraviolet light to destroy bacteria, viruses, and other harmful pollutants in the air. By removing these pollutants, growers can ensure their plants breathe clean, purified air.

Note: UV air purifiers are devices that use UV light to kill bacteria and viruses that can be harmful to human health.

How a UV Air Purifiers Work?

UV air purifiers use special lights that emit a type of light called ultraviolet light. When air passes through the purifier, the microorganisms are killed and removed from the air.

UV air purifiers are sometimes paired with other technologies, such as HEPA filters or activated carbon filters, to remove additional pollutants and achieve maximum air quality.

Top UV air purifiers for grow rooms in 2022

Investing in a UV air purifier is an excellent place to start if you want to improve the air quality in your grow room. By 2022, there are already many options for UV air purifiers designed for marijuana and commercial grow rooms.

Here's our list of brands of UV air purifiers suitable for marijuana grow rooms:

Top UV Air Purifiers for Cannabis Grow Rooms

1. The Molekule Air Purifier: This high-end air purifier removes 99.97% of airborne pollutants and utilizes PECO technology to destroy pollutants at the molecular level. It also includes a pre-filter to capture larger particles like dust and hair. The Molekule Air Purifier is an excellent choice for cannabis grow rooms of any size.

2. The AirDoPro: This powerful air purifier uses UV-C light to sterilize the air and remove unwanted smells. It also includes a commercial-grade HEPA filter to remove larger particles. As a result, the AirDoPro is well-suited for both cannabis grow rooms and more extensive commercial grow operations.

3. The Aura Cleanser: This compact air purifier is perfect for smaller cannabis grow rooms. It uses UV-C light to sterilize the air and includes a replaceable HEPA filter.

Top UV Air Purifiers for Commercial Grow Operations

1. The Bio Wall Air Purifier - This commercial-grade air purifier is designed for commercial grow operations. It uses UV-C light and a multi-stage filtration system to remove odors, pollutants, and airborne pathogens. The Bio Wall Air Purifier is excellent for large-scale commercial grow operations.

2. The Azuna Air Purifying System - This high-performance air purifier is designed for large spaces. It uses UV-C light and a HEPA filter to remove airborne pathogens, pollutants, and odors. The Azuna Air Purifying System is well-suited for cannabis grow rooms and commercial grow operations.

3. The Clean Shield Air Purifying System - This air purifier is designed to clean the air in large commercial grows operations. It combines UV-C light, HEPA filters, and activated carbon filters to remove a wide range of airborne pollutants and odors.

Your plants will breathe clean, pure air with any of these options.

10 Factors to Consider a UV Air Purifier For Grow Room

Consider the purpose and size of the grow room, plant type, contaminants, fan speed, noise levels, maintenance, cost, warranty, brand reputation, and certification before buying.


Description of UV Air Purifier For Grow Room


With a good warranty to protect you from costly repairs or replacements

Contaminants Type

Specialized in capturing the specific contaminants you need to remove from the air

Purpose and Size

Room size and the number of plants you'll be cultivating

Fan Speed

Match it with the size of your grow room


Look for a UV air purifier approved for air quality by IAC2


Fits within your budget


Consider the cost and time of maintaining

Brand Reputation

Choose a reputable manufacturer

Noise Level

Choose a quiet purifier to ensure a calm environment

Plants Type

Can handle the specific needs of your plants

With these ten factors in mind, growes can select a proper UV air purifier for grow room or commercial grow operation that meets the specific needs.

Other Tips for Keeping a Clean and Healthy Cannabis Grow Room

1. Keep the planting room clean and well ventilated

2. Remove all dead plant material or debris from the growth chamber area

3. Use appropriate environmental controls to maintain optimal temperature and humidity

4. Check plants regularly for signs of pests and diseases

5. Use organic and natural pest control products


It doesn't matter whether you're a commercial grower or an amateur, investing in air filtration systems, ventilation systems, and proper grow room HVAC systems can help guarantee clean air for thriving.

Spending time in the grow room and ensuring acceptable air quality can result in healthier plants, higher yields, and successful cannabis crops. In conclusion, taking the necessary steps to maintain air quality is a wise investment for any cannabis grower.


1. Should I use a dehumidifier in my drying room?

Using a dehumidifier in your drying room can be beneficial to achieve ideal drying conditions. It allows you to control the relative humidity, keeping it at an optimal level (usually around 45-60%) to prevent mold growth while allowing the cannabis to dry properly.

2. How do I lower the humidity in my dry room?

If the humidity in your dry room is too high, there are several ways to lower it. One common method is to use a dehumidifier, which removes moisture from the air. You could also improve ventilation or use materials that naturally absorb moisture, such as desiccants.

3. Should you leave a dehumidifier on all the time?

Whether or not to leave a dehumidifier on all the time depends on the conditions in your drying room. If the room tends to maintain high humidity levels, then continuous operation might be necessary. However, if the humidity levels fluctuate, a dehumidifier with a built-in hygrometer can switch on and off as needed.

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