Grow Room Hvac

Get Best VPD for Cannabis Grow
Maintain Suitable Humidity & Temperature

No Matter in Winter or Summer, Cold or Hot Climate

Perfect Grow Room with Right HVAC

Grow room hvac system uses the latest technology to build the perfect cannabis grow room. It can control the air humidity and temperature together for all-weather all year-round, which creates the best vapor pressure deficit level for cannabis to grow better. More and more new grow rooms are equipped with this fantastic high technical machine, maximizing the cannabis grow yield very much. Just follow us to know more functions about this new generation grow hvac system.

Altaqua Grow Room HVAC

  • ETL Certified Hvac Product
  • All-in-One Climate Control System
  • Maximize Growth by Creating Suitable VPD



Air dehumidifying

Control the best humidity level for each cannabis grow stages, from 90%RH to 30%RH

Air conditioning

Beat down the heat from lighting to maintain the suitable temperature 70-80°F

Air heating

Supply the heat energy for night and winter to maintain the suitable temperature 70-80°F

Fresh air flow

Supply optional fresh air ventilation according to some customer requiremnts

CO2 enrichment

Help to supply the enough CO2 for cannabis grow healthy

Lighting control

Integrate the grow lighting control for automatical grow operation

Grow Room HVAC Show

Create best vapor pressure deficit for grow

Accurate humidity control for day and nights

Adjustable temperature control for each stage

Optional control for CO2 , Lighting & Air flow

High efficient EC fan motor save energy cost

Automation by Intelligent Simens PLC control


  • Cooling capacity : 5.2 ~ 7.3 tons
  • Supply air flow : 1,500 ~ 2,150 cfm
  • Dehumidifying capacity : 480 ~ 670 pints/day


  • Cooling capacity : 10.4 ~ 14.7 tons
  • Supply air flow : 3,050 ~ 4,100 cfm
  • Dehumidifying capacity : 967 ~ 1,387 pints/day


  • Cooling capacity : 21.2 ~ 25.4 tons
  • Supply air flow : 5,900 ~ 7,100 cfm
  • Dehumidifying capacity : 2,016 ~ 2,422 pints/day


  • Cooling capacity : 30.1 ~ 38.1 tons
  • Supply air flow : 8,450 ~ 10,700 cfm
  • Dehumidifying capacity : 2,870 ~ 3,631 pints/day


  • Cooling capacity : 45.2 ~ 72.2 tons
  • Supply air flow : 12,700 ~ 20,000 cfm
  • Dehumidifying capacity : 4,310 ~ 6,838 pints/day

Professional Grow Room HVAC Factory

15 Years experience factory
Dedicated on Refrigeration products
Supply total solution for Hvac projects
Strong R&D capacity for Custom products
High-tech enterprise certified by Government
Listed company on Guangdong Equity Exchange

Our HVAC Partners

We believed the best products should be manufactured with the best components, especially the compressors, fan motor, expansion valves, electrics and controllers, etc key parts. Now we’ve built up very good long term partnership with the international famous suppliers, including Bitzer, Copeland, Panasonic, Ziehl-abegg, Ebmpapst, Emerson, Danfoss, Schneider, Siemens, Vector and more. They provide first-class good quality components, and we use them to build the best for you.

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