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Air Cooled
Condenser Unit

All-in-one Easy and Inexpensive Solution

New Unitary Standard Grow HVAC System for

Commercial Grow Room HVAC Design

Grow Room HVAC Design with Air Cooled Condenser Unit

Outdoor air-cooled remote condensers are the cooling component of an altaqua grow room hvac system.

In air-cooled condensers, condenser heat is rejected directly to the ambient air. With the outdoor remote condenser, the grow room hvac system can supply cool, dry air back to the grow room to help control the temperature. This is controlled by our smart PLC controls. You only need to set the target point, and the system will keep running until the temperature is satisfied.

Why Air Cooled Remote Condenser Unit?


Air-cooled condensers are simple in construction and installation - no pipes are required for air, and the air is freely available in abundant quantity.

  • More cost-effective to install and maintain in standard configurations.
  • Provide more options for refrigeration systems at the project's design phase - the benefit to both installation program reduction and commissioning time on site.
  • High-efficient heat rejection, utilizing technologically-advanced aluminum fin designs. Coated aluminum or copper fins for corrosion resistance
  • Capacity designs for maximizing the heat transfer relative to the energy consumption of the fan motor, and we only choose low-specific energy-consumption fan motors.
  • The structure makes the installation flexible. the unit can be installed perfectly in the side or outside wall of the equipment.
  • Due to the need for fewer parts, the risk of breakdown is lower, which means less on-going maintenance costs. This in turn leads to less downtime and greater reliability of the plant.
  • ETL and ETL agency listed units

Remote Condenser Installation Recommendations


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