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Altaqua Grow Room Dehumidifier

Altaqua GS-series grow room dehumidifiers are the ideal solution for your greenhouse and grow room humidity problems. Flexible hanging installation method saves your growth space. Industrial-grade humidity control capability, with a water removal capacity of up to 320 pints/day. The powerful circulating air sucks moist air and sends out dry air, creating a healthy, happy and efficient growing environment for your crops. With high-quality products, precise engineering, and simple settings, it protects the healthy growth of crops and keeps them away from pests and diseases.

But no matter which type cultivation you choose, there is one same problem need to face, which is the High Humidity inside grow room. And this is maybe the biggest enemy for health crop grow, which plague many new growers who ingnor the importance of humidity control. Let’s check the potential risks when the grow room humidity is out of control.

High Humidity Problem, Altaqua Solves

High levels of humidity can cause kinds of problems for indoor cultivating.

The major problems, powdery mildew and botrytis, often known as bud rot, many growers experience at some point. Either of these problems is incredibly destructive for the grow and result in revenue loss.

High humidity will also cause other problems, including weaken the plant transpiration, affect the photosynthesis, etc.

Can you image, once you lose control of the humidity levels, you could lose control of the growing environment, in the end, you could lose your entire harvest.

Creating and maintaining a steady, constant growing environment for plants to thrive is one of the biggest challenges facing the growers and cannabis industry.

Cause powder mildew

Many fungi like to grow in high-humidity environments, molds and fungal spores will multiply, spread through the air or water, which can easily infect crops and make your crops are sick, which affects the quality and yield of the crops.

Weaken nutrients absorption

Crops generally use transpiration to absorb water for heath grow. High humidity will weaken the transpiration of plant leaves, which will decrease plant’s ability to absorb and transform nutrients.

Affect respiration & photosynthesis

High humidity will also condense the leaf surface water, which will seal the stomata and weaken the respiration and maybe stop their photosynthesis, and then the yellow leaves will appear.

Cause some unsafe & unstable factors

High humidity will also cause the the water droplets on the top and wall of the grow room, which will also cause some unsafe and unstable factors.

Why Choose Us

Mildew loves humidity with low air circulation, it doesn’t care about the temperature much.

For humidity control and dehumidificaton, whether it is a greenhouse or a hydroponic grow room for crops growing, Altaqua team of experts here to help choose a dedicated dehumidifier and work with you to find a humidity control solution that integrates your existing HVAC system and infrastructure. It not only prevents powdery mildew, but also lowers running expenses and preserve the entire harvest.

Our GS series grow dehumidifier were developed by our engineers flexible and customized addressed for the following aspects:

  • Correct model size
  • Air flow (ventilation)
  • Installation (Replacement)
  • Operation


Super Efficient and Easy Operation

  • High efficient dehumidifying
  • Refrigerative technology
  • MERV 8 filter
  • Option: MERV 11, MERV 13
  • 60Hz, 204V/220V/240V
  • Plug is available
  • Placed on the ground, Ceiling mounted, Ducting
  • Easy drain installation
  • Wire control
  • Option: Remote control, extra control reserved support
  • LGuide for installation and operation
  • Instruction download

Removes water per day:175 ~ 587 pints/day
Delivers variable air flow:750 ~ 2,500 cfm


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