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Altaqua grow room dehumidifier

Altaqua GS series dehumidifiers are the ideal solution for your greenhouse and growing room humidity problems. Flexible hanging installation method saves your growth space. Industrial-grade humidity control capability, with a water removal capacity of up to 320 pints/day. The powerful circulating air sucks moist air and sends out dry air, creating a healthy, happy and efficient growing environment for your crops. With high-quality products, precise engineering, and simple settings, it protects the healthy growth of crops and keeps them away from pests and diseases.

More and more country and states are going to legalize cannabis commercial applications. More and more growers are expanding businesses by adding new facilities or augmenting existing ones to increase the production. Most of new growers choose the grow room for cannabis indoor farming because of the stable yield and better quality. Now there are three main cultivation type of the indoor cannabis farming, soil cultivation, hydroponic cultivation, and aeroponic cultivation.

Soil cultivation

Hydroponic cultivation

Aeroponic cultivation

But no matter which type cultivation you choose, there is one same problem need to face, which is the High Humidity inside grow room. And this is maybe the biggest enemy for health cannabis grow, which plague many new growers who ingnor the importance of humidity control. Let’s check the potential risks when the grow room humidity is out of control.

Potential risks

Possibility of infect crops sick :


Possibility of weaken crops transpiration :


Possibility of stop photosynthesis :


Possibility of cause unsafe and unstable factors :


Many fungi like to grow in high-humidity environments, molds and fungal spores will multiply, spread through the air or water, which can easily infect crops and make your crops are sick, which affects the quality and yield of the crops.

Crops generally use transpiration to absorb water for heath grow. High humidity will weaken the transpiration of plant leaves, which will decrease plant’s ability to absorb and transform nutrients.

High humidity will also condense the leaf surface water, which will seal the stomata and weaken the respiration and maybe stop their photosynthesis, and then the yellow leaves will appear.

High humidity will also cause the the water droplets on the top and wall of the grow room, which will also cause some unsafe and unstable factors.

It is very important to control the humidity in the grow room, greenhouse and other indoor farm facilities, which ensuring crops grow happily and healthy in a suitable humidity environment in order to guarantee the good quality, considerable harvests and economic benefits.

Altaqua GS-series grow room dehumidifier is specially designed for indoor grow room, greenhouse and other indoor farming facilities. It utilize compact size design, which can save growing space to a greater extent, but contains great performance. It is a climate control equipment that combines humidity, temperature and air circulation in one to assure perfect conditions for plants growth. It can handle the humidity issues perfectly, much better than the conventional air conditioner, which can’t effectively remove excess water and solve the humidity problem

Altaqua grow room dehumidifier features

Strong capacity

Super refrigeration with powerful fan motor

Intelligent control

Just set the target and it will do all jobs

Efficient operation

Every $1 removes more water from air

Reliable quality

Each unit complete strict test before delivery

Compact design

Save more valuable space for crops grow

Easy installation

Provide three types of installation for choice

Altaqua grow room dehumidifier features

Ceiling installation

Save space for your grow room

Intelligent control

Just set the target and it will do all jobs

Efficient operation

Every $1 removes more water from air

Not only quality products, but also best service

Customized service for your products

Comprehensive solution for your projects

24×7 online technical support and after sale-service