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About us

Alto refrigeration, with the brand of Altaqua, is a professional hvac products factory with more than 15 years of history. We specialize in the grow room hvac, dehumidifier, chiller, heat pump, and other custom refrigeration systems. Our new generation hvac systems realize the best grow room control of indoor climate, which includes humidity, temperature, airflow, and more custom functions.

Altaqua products

As the legalization of cannabis has now spread far and wide across the world these years, more and more growers need professional equipment to help them control the indoor room climate for maximum yields. We make full use of professional technology and mature production capability to manufacture the grow room hvac system for grow room control. It comes with a wide range of capacity from 4 to 75 tons, delivering the most costs effective scalable performance.

Altaqua technology

Intelligent control logic is totally developed by our engineers with Siemens PLC controller based on our experience on each application. We use the galvanized double-layer cabinet with 30mm polyester filling to ensure the best insulation, and the corrosion-free hydrophilic aluminum air heat exchanger to make the condensate on the fins spread quickly for better heat transfer. Best EC fan motors help to achieve varied latent and sensible capacity with different loads from the greenhouse and grow room. All our grow hvac systems are completed with a full operational test to ensure it is in perfect condition before shipment. A lot of protections are equipped to realize the long-term stable operation, including high and low-pressure protection, phase protection, overload protection, compressor auto-protection, and fan motor auto-protection, etc.

Altaqua partners

Quality products, precision engineering, and outstanding service are three areas in which we strive for excellence. Our factory is well organized with the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system, integrating ERP, CRM, and OA online systems. We have also established long-term partnerships with internationally renowned suppliers. They include Bitzer, Copeland, Emerson, Danfoss, Panasonic, Schneider, Siemens, Ziehl-Abegg, Ebmpapst, Vector, etc. They provide the first-class components for us to build the best. At present, our company has obtained more than 80 patents and has a team of highly qualified professionals. We can serve our customers all over the world and customize our products.

Altaqua commitment

Altaqua refrigeration team will continue to supply the most quality-oriented products to our clients with a short lead time and uncompromising service. We are happy to listen to the creative ideas of your dream products and try our best to make them come true for you.

Altaqua commitment

We own an experienced and professional management system, who work very well on research and development, production and test, installation and after sale service, etc. During the past 12 years, we only focus on designing and manufacturing the best hvac and refrigeration machines.

Experienced Professionals

Our team

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Technical manager

Michael Lu

15 years experience in refrigeration and hvac industry, specialize in developing hvac systems

Production manager

Cherry Xu

12 years of production management experience and skillful to ISO 9001 management system

Service manager

Victor Zeng

11 years experience in refrigeration industrial service, who serve more than 300 projects all over the world