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The story about the Altaqua founder - Tony Ke

Tony is a passionate and driven individual with a strong sense of purpose, he values teamwork and collaboration, and he is a strong leader who is able to inspire and motivate his team.

He has always been fascinated by engineering and technology, and from a young age, he dreamed of using his skills and knowledge to impact the world positively. In addition, he wanted to help people to create comfortable and efficient indoor environments that supported their goals and aspirations.

At that time, Tony believed that HVAC products could help to create healthy and comfortable indoor environments. So, he dedicated himself to learning as much as possible about the HVAC industry. He studied tirelessly on HVAC projects that would help him to hone his skills and knowledge.

When in university, Tony not only excelled academically but enjoyed participating in extracurricular activities and organizations and quickly became a popular and well-respected campus community member. Yet, despite his success, Tony always felt like there was something more he could be doing.

As he neared the end of his university career, Tony knew he wanted to start his own HVAC company, where he could design and manufacture innovative products to help make a better world and create a perfect indoor environment for people. He was ready to take on the world and knew that his university years had prepared him for success.

After graduating from Sun Yat-sen University (a prestigious university in China) in 1999, he started laying the foundation for his future business, studying and working in the HVAC industry, and quickly gained valuable experience and knowledge.

Two years later, China became a member of the WTO, which opened up new opportunities for Tony to do business with foreign countries. Tony saw this as a chance to further engage in world trade and develop his own business. He had valuable hands-on experience and a clear plan for his future.

"It really wasn't easy at first - there were long hours and so many challenges to overcome", Tony said, "but I was determined to make my vision a reality."

- Tony ke

As the company grew, Tony remained true to his vision of "making a better world and creating a perfect indoor environment." By pursuing his dream with passion and purpose, Tony and his team are positively impacting the world and helping people achieve their goals and live their best lives. He was proud of the products he had created and their positive impact on people's lives. He was grateful for the opportunity to do what he loved daily and make a difference in the world.

Tony & Altaqua

Tony is also committed to helping his team develop their skills and expertise and creating a positive and supportive culture at his company.

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Company's Culture

Mission - Create for dreams

Everyone has dreams and aspirations. By providing the right tools, resources, and support, we can help people achieve their dreams and realize their full potential.

We are committed to creating products, services, and experiences that inspire and empower people to pursue their dreams and make them a reality.

From how we design and develop our products to how we interact with our customers and partners. By creating dreams, we can positively impact the world and help people live their best lives.

Vision - To be a company with a global perspective

We strive to be a business that is not only successful within the local market but also has a strong presence and impact on a global scale.

Altaqua focuses on building relationships with international customers and partners, adapting their products and services to meet the specific needs and preferences of different markets.

Also, it means being aware of and responsive to the needs and concerns of people. We may prioritize sustainability and social responsibility in our operations and work to impact the world through our products and services positively.

Overall, being a company with a global perspective involves looking beyond one's borders and taking a holistic, long-term approach to business success. It requires a commitment to innovation, adaptability, and a sense of purpose that goes beyond just making a profit.

Values - Commitment, Positive, Embrace Change, and Responsible  

The values are a reflection of the company's culture and guiding principles. These values help to shape the way the company operates, and they serve as a foundation for the company's decisions and actions.

  • Commitment: This value reflects the company's dedication to excellence and meeting its customers' needs. Altaqua is committed to delivering the highest quality products and services and going above and beyond to meet the expectations of its customers.
  • Positive: This value reflects the company's focus on creating a positive and supportive culture. We encourage a positive attitude and a can-do spirit among our employees and work to impact the world through our products and services positively.
  • Embrace Change: This value reflects the company's willingness to adapt and evolve. It means that the company is open to new ideas and approaches and is willing to take risks and embrace change to stay competitive and innovative.
  • Responsible: This value reflects the company's commitment to social and environmental responsibility. Altaqua takes a long-term and holistic approach to its business and works to minimize its impact on the environment and contribute to the well-being of the communities in which it operates.

These values are important, and we serve as a guiding force for the company's decisions and actions. In addition, they are a reflection of the company's commitment to excellence, positivity, innovation, and responsibility.

Altaqua's team

Tony has a clear purpose and vision for his company, which is attractive to potential team members who want to work for a company with a sense of purpose.

By working for Tony, team members can contribute to a company that is making a positive impact on the world and helping people achieve their goals.

Altaqua team is a diverse and talented group of individuals who were passionate about what they did. The team included engineers, designers, salespeople, and technicians working together to create innovative and high-quality HVAC products.

Tony's team was an integral part of the success of his HVAC company. He was grateful for their hard work and dedication, and he knew their efforts helped make his company a leader in the industry.

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Michael Lu

15 years experience in refrigeration and hvac industry, specializes in developing hvac systems

Altaqua grow room control of hvac system


Cherry Xu

12 years of production management experience and skillful to ISO 9001 management system

Altaqua grow room hvac system for grow room control


Victor Zeng

11 years experience in refrigeration industrial service, serves over 300 projects all over the world

Altaquas partners

As a manufacturing company, working with reliable and efficient material suppliers was critical to the success of an HVAC company. And having a mature material supply chain can be a major advantage, helping to save cost, ensure quality, increase reliability, and improve responsiveness.

Altaqua worked to establish long-term relationships with key suppliers. By building trust and working closely with these suppliers, Tony was able to secure a consistent and reliable flow of materials.

Altaqua also implemented strict quality control measures (ISO 9001:2015) to ensure that the materials the company received met its high standards. In addition, the team developed a thorough inspection process that included testing and evaluating the materials before they were used in production.

In addition to these measures, Tony also worked to diversify his company's material supply chain. He understood that relying on a single supplier could be risky, so he worked to establish relationships with multiple suppliers to ensure that his company had a backup plan if any issues arose.

In a word, Tony's careful planning and attention to detail helped to ensure that his company had a strong and reliable material supply chain. This was critical to the success of his business, and it allowed his company to consistently produce high-quality products that met the needs of his customers.

Why is a mature material supply chain so important? 

  • Cost savings: A mature material supply chain can help to reduce costs for Tony's company by streamlining the procurement process and negotiating favorable terms with suppliers. This can lead to lower production costs, increasing the company's profitability.
  • Quality: A mature material supply chain can also help to ensure that the company has access to high-quality materials that meet its strict standards. This can be especially important in industries like HVAC, where the quality of materials can significantly impact the final product's performance and reliability.
  • Reliability: A mature material supply chain can also help to ensure that the company has a reliable source of materials, which can help to reduce the risk of disruptions and delays in production. This can be especially important for companies that operate on tight deadlines or have large orders.
  • Responsiveness: A mature material supply chain can also help to make the company more responsive to changing market conditions. By establishing relationships with suppliers, the company can adjust its production levels more easily or switch to different materials if necessary.

Altaquas experience

After 15 years of experience in HVAC product manufacturing, Tony learned a lot about the industry and the challenges businesses like him faced. He had seen firsthand the importance of producing high-quality products, building strong relationships with customers and suppliers, and staying up-to-date with the latest technology and trends.

Over these years, Tony had faced many challenges and setbacks in his business, but he had always found a way to overcome them and move forward.

Having 15 years of experience in the HVAC industry means that Altaqua has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the field:

  1. 1
    Expertise: The company's team members have a deep understanding of the technical and operational aspects of the HVAC industry, which can help them to design and manufacture high-quality products that meet the needs and preferences of their customers.
  2. 2
    Reputation: With 15 years of experience in the industry, Altaqua has built up a strong reputation for quality and reliability. This can attract new customers and establish trust with existing ones.
  3. 3
    Adaptability: With 15 years of experience, the company has developed the skills and resources to adapt to changing market conditions and evolving customer needs.
  4. 4
    Resourcefulness: The company's 15 years of experience have allowed it to solve problems and overcome challenges in creative and resourceful ways. This can help us become more agile and responsive to changing circumstances.

Having 15 years of experience in the HVAC industry is a major advantage for Tony's company. It gives the company a wealth of knowledge and expertise, a strong reputation, adaptability, and resourcefulness that can help it to succeed in a competitive industry.

Looking to the future, Altaqua is excited to see what the next 15 years will bring. But, of course, we knew there would be more challenges and obstacles to overcome. Still, we're confident that we have the skills, experience, and determination to continue building a successful and sustainable business.

Why choose Altaqua's product

Altaqua team was highly skilled and experienced in the HVAC industry. We deeply understood how HVAC systems worked and kept learning and staying up-to-date with the latest technology and trends. This expertise allowed us to design and manufacture reliable and effective products.

Altaqua had strict quality control measures in place. This helped to ensure the highest quality. In addition, we worked closely with suppliers to ensure the materials with high standards, and we conducted thorough testing and inspections at every stage of the production process before delivery.

Altaqua's team is dedicated to meeting the needs of customers. We were always willing to listen to customers' feedback and suggestions. In addition, we worked closely with customers to understand their specific needs and challenges. This customer-centric approach helped to ensure that our products were tailored to meet the needs of their customers.

A case study

One of the most successful cases was when a large hotel chain approached Tony to upgrade their HVAC systems in all of their properties. The hotel chain was looking for a reliable and energy-efficient solution.

After months of research and development, Tony and his team were able to deliver a proposal for a custom HVAC system that exceeded the hotel chain's expectations. The new system saved the hotel chain a significant amount of money on energy costs and provided a more comfortable environment for guests.

The hotel chain was so impressed with the results that they decided to roll out the new HVAC system to all their properties. This was a significant win for Tony and his company and helped solidify their reputation in the industry.