ideal cannabis humidity and temperature

We are considering ideal cannabis humidity and temperature for happy and healthy cannabis plants. Without them, nothing will grow properly, or might be the entire crops, money, efforts, and time will ultimately be destroyed.

relative humidity levels and temperatures

Growers love to grow cannabis all year round. So it is very much possible to grow them in a greenhouse or grow room. 

But the grow room temperature and humidity depending on what kind of plants you grow. Maintaining a grow room in optimal conditions means growers can benefit from healthy cannabis, whatever the season is. 

It is difficult to create a perfect humidity levels for cannabis. But with the help of the best equipment, growers can control to maximize cannabis plant growth.

Regardless of the crop type being grown, a grower always tries to achieve requires controlling the same variables. They include temperature, cannabis humidity, light level, carbon dioxide, airflow, and air distribution. 

the challenge of reducing cannabis humidity

When it comes to controlling ideal greenhouse temperature and humidity, humidity is a challenging variable, especially for dehumidification. Being a grower, if you try to remove moisture from the greenhouse, it will lead to many challenges. And removing moisture can be done through proper ventilation.

When we talk about the traditional method to reduce greenhouse humidity is based on opening the greenhouse and injecting dry air from outside into the greenhouse, which is time-consuming and sometimes not effective. 

Furthermore, growers spend huge amounts of energy reheating the greenhouse after ventilating to maintain optimal growing conditions. Once warm, humid air leaves the greenhouse, it releases water vapor and heat, and losing heat means wasting energy.

Hence, reducing humidity from the greenhouse sometimes becomes difficult. Using a greenhouse or grow room HVAC is an ideal solution.

factors affect relative humidity control

Cannabis plants go through a series of stages to grow correctly and mature.

And those different growth stages need a different amount of light, temperature, nutrients, and water. For a perfect and healthy crop, knowing these stages with the best HVAC for a greenhouse is essential. Then, one can get the best humidity and temp for cannabis.

Generally, cannabis prefers a temperature approx 68 to about 77 degrees Fahrenheit and at the time of flowering, it need an ideal temperature between 65 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Of course, they can live in lower and higher temperatures, but it is essential to control the heat for maximum growth and potency and prevent crops from molds and mildew. 

Depending on the growth stage, size of the room, and pot plants capacity, one should buy an ideal grow room ac unit to control the temperature.

If the conditions are too humid, it can lead to disease, molds, and fungus, and arid conditions can retard the growth of your pot plants.

One of the best grow room cooling systems will determine the humidity in your grow room and help you achieve the right humidity level. 

Depending on the conditions outside, opening or closing the entrance to your grow room can adjust the humidity for the perfect balance.

best humidity control for cannabis

The optimum humidity level for each stage of cannabis is crucial as it's only the key to growing cannabis during any season.

Like any other plant, growing cannabis requires different temperatures and humidity from seedlings to harvesting.

Therefore, cannabis plants constantly need water and a different humidity level throughout every growth stage.

When the humidity is high, plants use their leaves to absorb moisture from the air, resulting in less water drawn from their roots, which will help them become healthy plants.

But, if the humidity is low, cannabis plants will take more water through their roots and won't grow properly. Hence maintaining an optimum humidity level is important. 

tips of humidity levels and temperatures

Here getting to know about ideal humidity and temperature for Cannabis/Marijuana growth stages will help growers to get successful yields as follows-

seedling stage

Seedling is the beginning, and in this stage, humidity for weed plants' seedlings and clones like high humidity levels of approx 65-70%. Temperatures with lights should be approx 20-25 C°, and if lights are off, 4-5 C° lower.

In this stage, the root system is not established. Hence high humidity levels will allow them to water intake through leaves.

vegetation stage 

Low humidity during veg is necessary; the level needs to be lower by 5% each week, and its range must be 40-70%. Here, the temperature should increase slightly to approximately 22-28 C°, and if lights are off, it must be 4-5 C° lower. At this stage, roots absorb more water; evaporation occurs through leaves to cool the plant.

flowering stage

Regarding the cannabis flowering humidity, humidity levels need to be lower to 40-50%, which is highly important. Otherwise, the crops may be prone to several risks. Set the level at approx 55%, and you must know that anything over 60% will be terrible. Regarding the temperature, it's best to slightly lower temperatures during the flowering stage, and it must be with lights on 20-26 C°.

late flowering stage 

The best humidity for flowering cannabis, if it is late - 1-2 weeks before harvest, brings down humidity levels. Or approximately 30-40% lower daytime, which will improve yield, flavor, and appearance temperatures. And, the temperatures with lights should be approx 18-24 °C (if lights are off, minus 5-10 C°).

drying and curing cannabis humidity and temperature

Want to know about the best humidity for drying cannabis? If your cannabis crops are drying, an ideal temperature for cannabis curing humidity in a drying room is 18 – 24 C, and humidity is between 45 – 55 %RH in a dark room. Within 7–10 days, the branches will look fine instead of bending, and the buds will become healthy.

Don't think humidity and temperature control is complicated and not worth it! On the contrary, it's generally very easy, and having the best grow room HVAC will create an ideal greenhouse temperature and humidity. And it will make the entire life cycle of cannabis so smooth. You will get healthy cannabis and profit.