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Altaqua's Trailblazing Presence at Asia Hemp Expo 2023

From 2019 to 2022, as the world grappled with the COVID-19 pandemic, we at Altaqua persevered through the challenges, continuously pushing forward and preparing for the future. In 2023, a significant milestone was reached: our first participation in an international expo since the pandemic's onset.

From November 22-25, 2023, Altaqua's core team journeyed from Foshan, China, to Thailand, not just to reignite our international presence, but specifically to participate in the Asia Hemp Expo. This was a strategic move to reconnect with the global market and showcase our latest innovations in hemp technology. The Expo offered us a platform to demonstrate our products, share our vision, and engage with global leaders in the industry.

As we navigated the bustling aisles of the expo, we were surrounded by a rich mosaic of ideas and innovations. The expo floor brought together a diverse group of exhibitors, from sustainable hemp fabric manufacturers to the latest in cultivation technology. This confluence of industry leaders, passionate entrepreneurs, and engaged visitors created a dynamic environment, all united by a common belief in the vast potential of hemp.

The Asia Hemp Expo was not just an event, but a celebration of the industry’s ongoing innovation and growth, signaling our continued commitment to being at the forefront of the hemp industry.

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The Prestige and Importance of Asia Hemp Expo for Altaqua

Following our significant return to the international stage at the Asia Hemp Expo in Thailand, it's crucial to understand why the Asia Hemp Expo is so pivotal. Thailand, the first country in Asia to legalize hemp, has become a hub for hemp industry investment. Its favorable cultivation conditions and strong governmental support, spearheaded by the Thai Industrial Hemp Trade Association (TiHTA), have made it a leader in hemp planting and processing.

Organized in partnership with the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center, the Asia International Hemp Expo 2023 is not just the first, but also the most influential trade exhibition for the hemp industry in Asia. This year's second edition of the Asia Hemp Expo, held from November 22-25, showcased the latest in hemp technology, materials, and equipment, with a focus on establishing production bases in Thailand. The event provided a comprehensive platform for business negotiations, covering the entire supply chain from raw material suppliers to processed hemp product manufacturers at the Asia Hemp Expo.

The Asia Hemp Expo emphasized various primary industries, including medical supplies, food and beverages, cosmetics, fashion apparel, composite products, and innovative building materials like HEMP Crete. This wide-ranging focus not only highlighted the versatility of hemp but also offered us at Altaqua numerous opportunities to explore export channels and new market trends at the Asia Hemp Expo.

As we reflect on our participation, it's clear that our presence at this groundbreaking event, the Asia Hemp Expo, was more than a showcase of our products; it was an opportunity to be part of a movement shaping the future of the global hemp industry.


Showcasing Altaqua’s Technological Excellence at the Asia Hemp Expo

At Altaqua, we are proud to have introduced our cutting-edge Grow Room HVAC Systems at the Asia Hemp Expo. These systems are designed to masterfully integrate heating, cooling, and dehumidification into one unit, contrasting sharply with conventional fragmented setups. Engineered specifically for cannabis cultivation, they provide an optimized environment for consistent plant growth.

Exploring the Unique Features of Altaqua's HVAC Systems

Our HVAC systems stand out due to their redundant and scalable humidity and temperature control, offering a harmonious balance to achieve the perfect Vapor Pressure Deficit (VPD) for optimal plant growth. Additionally, our systems boast of abundant optional functions for intelligent control, such as fresh air ventilation, air sterilization control, and CO2 enrichment control, catering to the diverse needs of growers.

  • Dew Point Control: Our systems use dew point control instead of relative humidity for a more accurate representation of moisture conditions, which is crucial in the fluctuating temperatures of grow rooms.
  • Integrated Electronics for Accurate Control: Combining Siemens PLC control with our custom software, we ensure precise humidity and temperature control.
  • Reheat Coil and Outdoor Condenser Unit: This combination ensures the ideal temperature is maintained in the grow room, enhancing plant growth potential.
  • Redundant and Scalable Design: Our HVAC system features up to four independent, multi-stage circuits, offering precise control and energy savings.
  • Global Compatibility: Designed to meet various international electrical standards, our systems ensure seamless integration anywhere in the world.
  • Customizable Airflow: The precision supply air flange allows for adjustable airflow directions, catering to specific grow room needs.
  • Trusted Compressors: We use compressors from renowned brands for reliable, efficient performance.
  • Energy-Saving EC Fan Motor: Our GreenTech EC technology ensures lower sound levels and operational costs.
  • Wi-Fi Control for Easy Access: 24/7 internet monitoring allows for real-time adjustments and seamless integration with building management systems.

The Impact of Altaqua's HVAC Systems at the Asia Hemp Expo

The Asia Hemp Expo was a landmark event for Altaqua, offering us an unparalleled platform to showcase our advanced HVAC systems. Our booth A13, strategically located and creatively designed, became the epicenter of interest for many attendees. The distinct features of our HVAC systems, specifically tailored for cannabis cultivation, set us apart and drew significant attention from visitors.

Throughout the expo, our booth buzzed with activity. We engaged in animated discussions, provided video demonstrations, and networked with potential clients and partners. Our team offered in-depth insights into the workings and benefits of our products, emphasizing their adaptability, efficiency, and innovative technology.

The overwhelmingly positive response from visitors underscored the market's demand for reliable and advanced solutions in cannabis cultivation. The steady stream of interested customers and the keen interest in the unique features of our HVAC systems were clear indicators of our product's quality and our brand's growing influence in the industry.

This remarkable engagement at the expo was a testament to the competitive edge of our HVAC systems. The influx of potential partners and customers highlighted our commitment to technological advancement and reaffirmed our belief in the need for innovative, efficient, and adaptable solutions in the cannabis cultivation industry. The Asia Hemp Expo not only validated our technological innovations but also reinforced our position as a leader in providing state-of-the-art solutions for cannabis cultivation environments.


Altaqua: Becoming a Partner to Cannabis Cultivators

Looking towards the future, Altaqua envisions itself as much more than a supplier; we aim to be a trusted partner to cannabis cultivators around the world. Our goal is to bridge the gap between traditional cultivation practices and modern technological innovations, ensuring that growers have access to the best tools to maximize their yields and product quality.

Our journey does not end with the Asia Hemp Expo. We plan to continue our involvement in similar industry events, engage in ongoing dialogue with cultivators, and remain attuned to the latest developments in the hemp industry. By doing so, we can adapt our offerings to the changing landscape, ensuring that our clients always have the most advanced and efficient solutions at their fingertips.

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