Grow Room Temp and Humidity, Important for Cannabis Grow Well

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Most growers are behind to grow cannabis with sticky and high-potency buds, it means lots of requirements for proper attention to grow cannabis healthy. You need many things to grow cannabis plant, but the most common and overlooked matter is humidity.

grow room temp and humidity | Grow Room Temp and Humidity | Altaqua Grow Room Hvac

Importance of Grow Room Temp and Humidity Control

Humidity plays a very important role in any plant, and it should maintain to avoid mildew and other related issues that may harm your crops. Maintaining humidity and temperature just right can improve plant growth, increase yields.

But there is no rocket science to learn a lot so you can be the master of humidity in your growth. Using the best grow room humidity controller with very little effort will be easy to maintain grow room temperature and humidity.

Here, you will get information on why grow room temperature and humidity control are important for cannabis to grow and how you can easily manage the same to complete mastery over humidity to boost plants’ growth. 

What is Relative Humidity (RH)?

When we talk about Relative Humidity (RH), defined by the experts (as per the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), RH is a ratio, expressed in percent, which tells the amount of atmospheric moisture present relative to the amount that would be present if the air were saturated. You must know that the latter amount depends on temperature, and relative humidity provides moisture content and temperature. It is derived from the associated Temperature and Dew Point for the indicated hour.

Specific humidity and Absolute humidity

For a better understanding of humidity, you should know that it is an amount of water vapor in the air and there are three types of humidity, which will clear your idea in regards to the humidity. They are:

-Specific humidity, which is an area, is the ratio of the amount of water vapor to dry air.

-Absolute humidity, which is an actual amount of water vapor present in a given area.

-Compared to the speculated maximum amount of water vapor that an area can hold.

Coming back to cannabis growth, like any other plant, the gorwers use relative humidity, but novices tend to struggle a lot when it comes to maintaining the ideal RH level in their grow room.

What If the Air in the Grow Room Becomes Too Dry?

Balanced humidity in grow room is crucial. Otherwise, dry air results in your plants losing more water when respiring than in moist air. Due to the same, this reduces the overall moisture content in your weed, and it won’t properly grow. If the environment gets too dry or your grow room has low humidity, your plants lose more moisture, and the result will be cell death within your cannabis plants.

What If the Air in the Grow Room Becomes Too Wet?

You might think of pouring more water on your plants in dry conditions, but it will make the soil over-watering, which will reduce the amount of air in the growing medium. This way, the plants will suffocate and become more likely to develop root rot. With excessively high humidity levels, your crops will easily encounter the diseases such as bud rot, and they will die too soon. Also, nighttime humidity in grow room is different than daytime humidity. Hence it is important to control the level.

Indoor Growing Environment

Controlling temperature and humidity in your cannabis growing space will be one of the tough challenges for growers on a day-to-day basis. While it’s tough, but not impossible due to the best, grow room temperature and humidity control unit.

If you don’t know how to lower humidity in the grow room, know more about the best temp and humidity control unit, which will be an ideal solution for any kind of grow room and help any kind of crop grow faster in a proper way. Aside from this,  you need to overlook many factors in a grow room, along with temperature and humidity. Once controlled will be the best for growing cannabis amazingly well, from planting the first seed to harvesting the end product. 

The best grow room temperature and humidity conditions will help plants survive no matter what kind of weather condition is outside. Humidity is one of the most common factors affecting the nutrient cycle of a plant, and at the same time, it affects the rate of water transpiration from the leaves. If the humidity levels are high, transpiration slows down, where the plants take less water from the roots, which won’t grow properly. And if the conditions inside the growing area are too cold with no humidity, the cannabis plant will grow much slower, and the plant will be in extreme shock, or it may be fatal.

As per the report, an ideal cannabis growing temperature prefers a temperature range of 68 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit. And, at the time of growing room temperature flowering, cannabis plants like a range of approx 65 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Best Way To Control Humidity

The most consistent and recommendable option to effectively deal with grow room humidity is investing in a decent-sized dehumidifier. When it comes to how to lower humidity in grow room, there are many high-end digital control systems and components are available, but expensive.

If you are seeking an outstanding and affordable system, Altaqua Grow Room HVAC is designed for cannabis grow room, it provides the dehumidifying, air conditioning, and air heating functions.

It is committed to supporting the cannabis industry by applying good engineering practices with common sense and affordable solutions. If you want to add tremendous value to your project and want a competitive edge over your competition, don’t skip the Altaqua Grow Room HVAC. So, have it and stop thinking about “Temp and Humidity Control” in your Cannabis Grow Rooms.


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