Grow Room Air Conditioners only?

No, why not choose Grow Room Hvac
and Economic Grow Room Dehumidifier

Not only grow room air conditioners

Grow rooms are increasingly being used for indoor cannabis cultivation because of the high quality and yield they can bring to our harvest. However, proper indoor climate control becomes the key to success. Normally people choose the grow room air conditioners to control the temperature, but they can not do the job very well.

Altaqua offer much better choice, including high-end grow room hvac and stand alone grow dehumidifier. They supply the total climate control of humidity, temperature, airflow, CO2 level and even lighting control. Not only they offer more and better options for cannabis growers, but also create the best environment for indoor cannabis cultivation.

GA-series grow room hvac system

Integrated grow room HVAC system. It will provide all the necessary controls including optimal humidity, comfortable temperature, stable airflow, CO2 enrichment, lighting system and more.

GS-series grow room dehumidifier

Stand-alone grow room dehumidifier, the most economical air conditioning dehumidification solution for cannabis grow rooms.


The latest cooling technology brings a new generation of grow room HVAC systems for more demanding cannabis grow rooms. (Coming soon)

What is the best choice

In the growing room, the climatic conditions change every second, thus creating a complex ecological environment. Therefore, we have strict requirements for the combination of humidity and temperature. However, ordinary grow room air conditioners can only regulate the temperature, which is far from sufficient. Therefore, only a suitable grow room HVAC system can effectively achieve the perfect humidity, temperature, and airflow balance to maximize the maximum increasing benefits.