Grow room air conditioners only?

No, professional grow room hvac
And economic grow room dehumidifier

grow room air conditioners

Not only grow room air conditioners

Grow room is more and more popularly used for cannabis indoor farming, due to the high quality and reliable quantity yields. But the suitable indoor climate control is the key point for success.
Humidity, temperature, CO2 level, airflow consist of the main hvac control target. The traditional grow room air conditioners can not finish a good job. So Altaqua provides a full range hvac products to supply more and much better choices for cannabis growers, enable them to create the best environments for indoor cannabis grow.

GA-series grow room hvac system

Integrated grow room hvac system offers all the necessary controls, including best humidity, comfortable temperature, stable air flow, CO2 enrichment, lighting system, and more.

grow room air conditioners

grow room air conditioners

GS-series grow room dehumidifier

Standalone grow room dehumidifier offers the most economic humidity control solution for cannabis grow rooms with air conditioning.

GW-series grow room hvac system

The latest refrigeration technology brings the new generation grow room hvac system, which do best for the high standard cannabis grow rooms. (Coming soon)

grow room air conditioners
grow room air conditioners

Grow room air conditioner or hvac

Grow room is the sophisticated environment where the plants change the climate conditions every minute. So there is a very strict requirement on the humidity and temperature combination. Normal grow room air conditioners only adjust the temperature levels, which is far away from enough. Only the right grow room hvac system can effectively achieve the perfect balance of humidity, temperature, airflow, and other factors, which maximum the biggest grow benefits