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How To Set Up a Cannabis Grow Room Climate Control

The cannabis industry is booming and it’s no surprise that growers are looking for new ways to maximize their yields. This includes grow room climate control, which plays a huge role in cannabis growth and a good harvest.

As a grower, you may not realize that your plants can go bad quickly if they don’t receive the right amount of growing conditions, light, and water or nutrients. In this article, we explore the ideal temperature for cannabis growth, what humidity levels are conducive to cannabis growth, and the economic benefits you can enjoy as a result.

Taking care of the following factors will help you better control the grow room climate and create the best environment for cannabis growth. 

grow room climate control

Temperature and grow room climate control

Controlling the temperature of a grow room is challenging for many growers, but there are ways to combat this problem.

Grow lights provide plants with life by giving light, which may also produce some heat that can damage yields.

Investing in an air conditioning unit or other cooling equipment, such as ice tents or shade curtains, will help keep temperatures cool and optimal for your plant’s health. Controlling the temperature is important because it helps maintain healthy conditions for the optimal growth of your plant.

Different Strains of Cannabis

Different strains of cannabis require different temperature ranges. The ideal temperature range for cannabis growth, in general, is 68-77 degrees or 20-25 Celsius (the ideal ambient means the level at which a plant thrives).

However, if the temperature drops too low, it could halt growth and even kill off your plants. Typically, you want to avoid large temperature differences between day and night.

If the indoor grow temperature reaches above 25 Celsius (77 degrees), it will increase the plant’s metabolism and require further inputs to sustain itself. These requirements can be met by supplying your plant with more light, water, fertilizer, or CO2.

Cannabis plants have different temperature requirements and these can vary based on their growth stage.

  • Seedlings need a temperature around 22 – 27º C.
  • Vegetative stages require temperatures around 22 – 26º C.
  • The flowering stage requires temperatures around 18 – 26º C.

Varying temperatures can be a major concern for a grower, and it’s important to plan accordingly. You need to invest in a good quality thermometer, ideally one that can be attached to your ventilation system.

This will help you not to manage anything manually because it will do all of this on its own. An automatic system also provides excellent ventilation.

Humidity and grow room climate control

There are tons of things you need to take care of when it comes to cannabis growth, but grow room humidity control is one factor that many people overlook. This can be a problem because too much or not enough moisture in your weed grow room can result in mold, bud rot and pests taking over!

Powdery mildew is a fungus that thrives in humid, overcrowded plant spaces. Poor air circulation provides the perfect breeding ground for these spores to grow and spread quickly across your plants!

The best range for cannabis-friendly levels runs between 40% – 70%. Monitor this with no hassle by using a handy tool like a Hygrometer which can provide you with instant readings.

A hygrometer is a device used to measure the relative humidity of the air and is relatively inexpensive.


For cannabis growers, choosing the right dehumidifier can help make a large grow room comfortable.

Although there are other types of portable devices designed with this purpose in mind, they cannot meet the needs of a large grow room.

When choosing a dehumidifier, you should keep your grow room’s size and your budget in mind. Also account for how much time or money you can commit towards maintaining its upkeep since these devices require regular maintenance for optimum performance.


It’s important to maintain a balance of temperature and humidity if you want to grow a successful cannabis crop.

Air circulation or airflow plays a key role in keeping your plants healthy by preventing mold growth.

Once water enters the plant’s root system, it moves up through the leaves where moisture evaporates. This is where proper airflow plays its part in keeping your plants at their perfect level for optimal vegetation without being too wet from excess condensation on their surface.

Placing a swinging fan in your growing room can help prevent humidity and mold from spreading. For larger cannabis-growing rooms, you may need to install ventilators at different points for the best ventilation effects.

Maintaining Carbon Dioxide Levels

Plants need carbon dioxide to grow. Photosynthesis, which is the process by which plants make food for themselves and store it in their cells, requires large amounts of CO2.

If there isn’t enough CO2 around or if they’ve used up what’s available, then photosynthesis can stop completely even though other conditions might be perfect.

Also, CO2 is heavier as compared to oxygen. So, make sure you have a well-controlled exhaust system to distribute the CO2 evenly throughout your grow room.

Odor and grow room climate control

Cannabis has an extremely powerful odor, especially during the flowering stage. This is why it should be stored away from living spaces as its smell can get intense.

The exhaust system will help whisk away the scent. This way, you won’t inhale strong scents as you go about your daily activities at home or in the office.

The odor is intense and can be a problem for those around. So, there are things worth considering before bringing your plants into proximity with your indoor space.

One way to keep your grow room smelling fresh is by investing in an odor neutralizer. However, it is advised not to put any of these devices inside the space as they can affect the flavor and potency of buds.

You may instead place them outside near or around your entrance so that you’ll be able to get a whiff every now and then without having anyone enter the area where the plants are growing!

Final Thoughts

Most cannabis growers would agree that climate control in their grow room is the key to a successful harvest. And, if you want your crop to thrive and produce high-quality buds, you need to have an understanding of how each aspect of climate control can affect its growth patterns.

That way, when things go wrong or don’t seem right, you’ll know exactly what needs adjustment.

If this sounds like something you’re interested in learning more about, then let us know!

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