Grow Room Hvac FAQs

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Grow Room Hvac FAQs

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Why need grow room climate controller?

When we set up a cannabis grow room, we need to simulate nature’s climate to ensure that the cannabis is in the best growing environment. Learning to master the climate of a grow room is the transition from amateur grower to the professional grower. The temperature, humidity, grow lights and airflow ventilation in the grow room all affect the climate. Temperature affects humidity and the metabolism of cannabis. Humidity controls the transpiration rate of cannabis, and the plant, in turn, expels vapor from the stomata, increasing humidity. Grow lights release heat, increasing the temperature of the room. Air circulation affects the temperature and moisture in the room, and wind makes cannabis thrive. They are interconnected and affect each other in an orderly whole. Climate controllers help growers perfect climate control to achieve climate harmony inside the grow room.

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