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Efficient Grow Room Dehumidifier

Most Economic Dehumidification Solution

Well Control Humidity for Cannabis Grow Rooms

High Humidity Brings Risks

When it comes to growing plants, especially cannabis, managing humidity is key. High humidity can cause serious problems like Bud Rot, Powdery Mildew, and Root Rot. These diseases can quickly damage or destroy your plants, especially during sensitive stages like flowering.


Root Rot


Brown, mushy roots; plant wilting.


Prolonged high humidity at the plant base.


Powdery Mildew


White, powdery fungus covering plant surfaces.


Elevated humidity levels that promote rapid fungal growth and spread.


Bud Rot (Botrytis)


Fungal growth; can destroy entire crops.


Excessive humidity, especially during the flowering stage.

How Our Efficient Grow Room Dehumidifier Works

Our Efficient Grow Room Dehumidifier operates by drawing humid air across a chilled evaporator coil, where moisture condenses and is removed. The moisture-free air is subsequently reheated via a hot gas reheat coil and recirculated back into the grow room. This process not only continuously reduces humidity but also maintains optimal room temperature. Additionally, the dehumidifier includes an advanced defrost system, preventing coil freeze-ups and ensuring efficient operation in various environmental conditions. This dual-action approach effectively manages humidity while preserving the ideal grow room climate.


Our Competitive Advantages


Our Efficient Grow Room Dehumidifier stands out for its tailored design and high performance in grow room environments

  • Industry-Specific Design: Optimized for 27°C and 60% RH, with a high moisture removal capacity of 587 pints/day.

  • Advanced Coil Technology: Features hydrophilic-coated coils for efficient moisture transfer and corrosion resistance, enhancing durability.

  • High-Quality Filtration: Equipped with MERV-8 filters, effectively purifying the air and easy to clean or replace for higher standards.

  • Powerful Air Circulation: Ensures uniform distribution of dry air, reaching every corner and promoting a healthy growth environment.

  • Enhanced Performance: Utilizes four-row evaporators and condensers to guarantee both efficiency and dehumidifying capability.

  • Flexible Installation Options: Offers floor mounting, ducting, and ceiling mounting, fitting various space constraints.

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Models and Specification

Altaqua grow room dehumidifier are designed to be hung in a grow space to supplement the dehumidification capacity. Many units are used in a single room to provide distributed capacity, mitigate microclimates within the space, and provide redundancy.


Model: GS-078

Water removal: 165 Pints | 78 Liters | 21 Gallons
Airflow rate: 680 m3/hr|400 CFM
Power consumption: 1490 W
Supply voltage: 208~230 V, 1 Phase, 60 Hz
Operating temp: 56℉~95℉
Dimension: 650x650x450 mm

Model: GS-140

Water removal: 296 Pints | 140 Liters | 37 Gallons
Airflow rate: 1250 m3/hr|736 CFM
Power consumption: 2590 W
Supply voltage: 208~230 V, 1 Phase, 60 Hz
Operating temp: 56℉~95℉
Dimension: 750x750x550 mm


Model: GS-278

Water removal: 587 Pints | 278 Liters | 73 Gallons
Airflow rate: 2500 m3/hr|1472 CFM
Power consumption: 5000 W
Supply voltage: 208~230 V, 1 Phase, 60 Hz
Operating temp: 56℉~95℉
Dimension: 950x800x7300 mm

How to Choose the Right Models

Selecting the ideal Efficient Grow Room Dehumidifier model is a matter of aligning your space's needs with the right features. Here's how to make an informed choice:

Room Size

Match the dehumidifier's capacity to your room's size. Larger rooms may need higher capacity models.

Climate Needs

Think about your grow room's specific climate requirements, like desired humidity and temperature levels.

Energy Efficiency

Opt for a model that aligns power usage with performance. Efficient units manage energy costs while ensuring effective humidity control.

Contact Our Engineers for a Proposal

Need a hand picking the right dehumidifier? Our experts are here to help. Reach out to our engineers for a personalized proposal. They’ll guide you through selecting the best model for your grow room's unique needs, ensuring you get the most efficient and effective solution. Just send us your details, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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