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Grow Room HVAC Price,High?

NO, considering the multi function of VPD control by maintaining grow room humidity and temperature together, lighting control, Co2 enrichment, air quality sterilizing, and more…

Get Best Grow Room HVAC Price

Grow room Hvac price is high? Many growers have this questions, expecially when they comparing the prices of normal air conditioner and traditional dehumidifier combination. 

Grow room hvac system is a totally different climate control system, which can realize the dew point control and offer the perfect dehumidifying performance at low temperature and low humidity conditions. And the integrate design reduce a lot of installation and maintainence cost for long term use. Just contact our hvac engineers to have the most competitive HVAC proposal for your grow room project.

How to Get the Right Grow Room HVAC Price

Step 1.
Please fill in the following form to tell us the detail information of your grow room projects, and your special climate control requirement, if have.

Step 2.
Our engineers team will analysis your project details first, and choose the right grow room hvac systems for your reference

Step 3.
We will wait for your feedback of our proposal, and then adjust the proposal according to your new requirements, if have.

Altaqua Grow Room Hvac Price