Grow Room

HVAC System

Designed for commercial growing facilities to provide Air Cooling, Air Heating, Dehumidifying and Ventilation all year round. Creating an ideal growing environment for your plants at each stage

Altaqua Grow room hvac system - ETL
Altaqua Grow room hvac system - ISO 9001-2015
Altaqua Grow room hvac system - RoHS


Veg Room

Temperature: 80℉

Relative humidity: 70%

Altaqua Grow room hvac - GA 02

Flowering Room

Temperature: 70-80℉

Relative humidity: 40-60%

Altaqua Grow room hvac - GA 03

Mother Room

Temperature: 75℉

Relative humidity: 60%

Altaqua grow room hvac system - mother room

Clone Room

Temperature: 70-80℉

Relative humidity: 90%

Altaqua Grow room hvac - GA 04


  • Removals of Water: 25 to 272 pints/hr
  • Air Flow: 1,500 to 17,000 cfm
  • Refrigeration Capacity: 6 to 65 tons
  • Power Supply: 460V/3ph/60Hz, 220V/3ph/60Hz
  • Functions

    All-in-one Design

    Altaqua grow room HVAC system - Dehumidifying

    Air Dehumidifying

    Altaqua grow room HVAC system - Cooling

    Air Cooling

    Altaqua grow room HVAC system - Heating

    Air Heating

    Altaqua grow room HVAC system -Ventilation

    Air Ventilation

    Further optimize your indoor grow room conditions.

    Altaqua Grow Room HVAC System provides intelligent control to ensure optimal growing conditions. It achieves the requirement of both humidity and temperature and controls the humidity level by setting a target, say from 50% to 60%RH, while providing cool air or heated air, say 70℉~80℉, which are the perfect climate conditions for growing. 

    We can tailor the optional function according to your requirement. 

  • Fresh air with auto or manual mode upon CO₂ level requirement.
  • 24/7 real-time remote control by Wifi connection of desktop, tablet and smart phone. 
  • Easily achieves air sterilization light control for your grow room by connecting to our PLC system.   
  • Tailored Function for Options

    Altaqua grow room HVAC system - Fresh air

    Fresh Air

    Altaqua grow room HVAC system - Fresh air CO2

    CO₂ Control

    Remote Control 

    Altaqua grow room HVAC system - UV

    Air Sterilization Light Control

    Contact us to Choose your model from Altaqua Grow Room HVAC Systems

    Grow room hvac - GA function
    Altaqua grow room hvacd
    Grow room HVAC jpg. 3


    Refrigeration System

  • Our grow room HVAC system provides redundancy with scalable preformance for whole year-round reliable operation.
  • Multi-compressors design, with 2, 3, and 4 independent refrigeration circuits for choice. 
  • Independent refrigeration circuit and staged control by PLC. Since the circuits work independently, if there is one circuit fails, it will not affect the other circuit running.
  • TXV allows higher power efficiency and better temperature control
  • Reheat coil, hot gas reheat allows heat recovery
  • Air-cooled, water cooled for option allows heat rejection
  • Grow room hvac system

    Airflow System

  • We use EC fan motor to adjust the latent capacity and sensible capacity according to different growing stages loads requirements. 
  • Combo sensor, from the USA. Easy set and reduce power consumption for precise humidity and temperature detection.
  • MERV 8 air filter allows filtration of tiny impurities, upgrading evel for high standard is available.
  • Control System

  • We've developed the specific program with Siemens smart PLC and HMI, easy to extend and optimize the program.  
  • We have three control settings of operation, and you can choose any control setting on your grow room demands. For instance, if you choose HVAC mode, it will auto-running. You only need to set the target humidity and temperature, the machine will keep running by switching different function until both targets are achieved.
  • Control setting timing is design to use for your schedule. You could set the control setting accordingly, say from 8 to 10 am HVAC; from 10 to 12 am dehumidification only...ect, this is perfect for your cycle with light on or light off. 
  • Optional function is easily to extended into control system, you can control the CO₂ level and air sterilization light for your grow room.
  • Grow room hvac system - controlsystem
    • We built the remote control in the control system for 24/7 real-time mornitoring, receives alarm in time and views historical data, manages remotely.  
    grow room hvac - component

    Prestigious Brands

    for Components

    We only use international prestigious brands components to make the quality more reliable and easier after sales service


    Altaqua implements ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System completely in the production

    Material Production

    Metal Processing

    Altaqua grow room HVAC system - metal processing

    Metal Welding

    Altaqua grow room HVAC system - Metal Welding

    CNC Metal cutting

    Altaqua grow room HVAC system -CNC

    Heat Exchanger Production


    Copper Tube 


    CNC Moduling


    Grow Room HVAC System


    Chasis Assembling

    Grow room hvac system - chasis assembling

    Component Assembling

    Grow room hvac system


     grow room hvac system

    Pressure Test

    grow room hvac system


    grow room hvac system

    Refrigerant Charging

    grow room hvac system

    Control system

    grow room hvac system

    Safety Test

    grow room hvac system

    Operation Test

    grow room hvac system


    grow room hvac system


    grow room hvac system


    grow room hvac system

    Performance Test

    We have each system tested to check running status, and our technical team

     gives a detailed test in terms of performance, controls, and other key points in the test room

    Grow room hvac system
    Altaqua grow room hvac system
    Grow room hvac system

    Quality Inspection for Altaqua

    Grow Room HVAC System

    Grow room hvac system

    Material Quality Checkup

    Before being a part of Altaqua's finished product, all materials and stuff to be used in production must meet our design and quality standards.Every piece of the material is examined by QC under the supervision of quality assurance officer to avoid any disturbance in quality befrore production. If somehow the material fails to meet the calibration, then it is not moved to the next stage.

    Grow room hvac system

    The Ultimate Checkup

    After material inspection, the production starts, and it is divided into different stages. The production starts with component assembly. Under-construction products can't move on to the next stage unless quality assurance officers of each step check the component layout, piping, metal joining, leakage, wiring, and other key points of the process.

    Grow room hvac system - performance test

    The Performance Inspection

    After in-production quality control, here comes the crucial stage of manufacturing - a more detailed inspection in a Test Room.
    A technical team deeply checks the product in terms of performance, controls, running status, durability, safety, and other important checkpoints. After the approval of the quality assurance officer, our product proceeds to the final stage.

    Grow room hvac system

    In-Production Quality Control

    In the final manufacturing stage, the whole system is checked up after cleaning on appearance and inside.QC rechecks the machine if it is ready with instruction paper, wiring diagrams, technical data nameplate, and essential labels. Any product we make doesn't leave the workshop unless it gets approved by the experts after inspection.



    Top Quality Assured. Altaqua Grow Room HVAC system passes the strict test and acquired the certificate from Intertek. The ETL Mark is proof of product compliance with North American safety standards


    Altaqua Grow room HVAC system - RoHS

    RoHS stands for Restriction of Hazardous Substances. The restricted materials are hazardous to the environment and pollute landfills, and are dangerous in terms of occupational exposure during manufacturing and recycling


    Choose a Right Grow Room HVAC System for your Plants 

    The first and most important way to control the temperature in your grow room is by installing the right HVAC system. You should select the HVAC size after carefully considering the size of your grow room and the number of plants you plan to grow


    Moreover, the HVAC should be energy efficient to keep the power bills in check while also perfectly controlling your grow room's air temperature. Finally, it should have a good system with dehumidification, temperature control, and air ventilation to prevent the chances of bud rot developing on your plants.

    How to Figure Out which Altaqua Model for your project?

    First, we must understand that the cannabis grow room is a complex environment. It hosts many living organisms, including plants, people and both bad and good microbes, as well as many processes that are constantly adding or removing energy from the overall ecosystem. Then, we need to consider the 5 key factors of your grow room.

    Factor 1. Energy Balance

    Heat is generated by working employees, grow lights, fan motors, water pumps, CO2 burners, and other equipment running. Understanding how much energy will be in the system is key to calculate the capacity hvac system needs to balance the equation.

    Factor 2. Plant Density

    A dense canopy pairing with poorly circulating systems will create microclimates, which result in higher temperatures and relative humidity. It is also an important factor to decide how much capacity your grow HVAC system needs.

    Factor 3. Daily Watering

    Water transports nutrients through a plant and gives it a turgor. Almost all of the water you give to a plant’s roots comes out as water vapor via transpiration. As the plants grow and add biomass, more humidity will be created by the plants. It is important to know the amount of water that needs to be removed from the atmosphere.

    Factor 4. Project Layout

    Different grow rooms provide different floor square footage, walls, ceiling feet high, and grow racks. In order to maintain the unique consistent temperature and humidity level for grow room, it needs to build the right duct-work and airflow layout. Then it can deliver air and remove moisture from the right spots to ensure microclimate is eliminated.

    Factor 5. Future Expand

    We also need to consider the spare capacity for future phases grow, such as adding more plants and expanding your grow room size. Of course, it is necessary and important to minimize initial investment and operating expenses at the beginning.


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