Altaqua Grow Room Hvac System

All in One Grow Room Climate Solution

Humidity, Temperature, Airflow, Co2, …

Altaqua GA-sereis grow room hvac system

Altaqua GA-series commercial grow room hvac system, provides the integrated control of temperature, humidity and airflow for cannabis grow. It creates the perfect indoor climate condition for all kinds of cannabis grow facilities. And now it is becoming the key factor to maximize the cannabis grow quality and quantity. Just feel free to get a free hvac proposal for your grow projects.

Grow rooms

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Indoor farming

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Indoor agriculture

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Why need grow room hvac system?

Global cannabis cultivation market size is expected to reach USD 358.8 billion by 2027. More and more countries are going to legalize cannabis grow, and growers are going to expand businesses by adding new facilities or augmenting existing ones. The cannabis indoor farming is the better choice for stable yield and much better quality. It provides a great balance between the operation cost and maximizing yield, with the help of the fantastic grow room hvac system.

Healthily grow year-round
Safe and hygienic growing
Ability to create new strains
More yield and better quality
Total control growing conditions
Much higher revenue and security
Safety from bugs, pests, and animals
Easy to control pollination of cannabis

Key parameters of cannabis grow health

Hvac, lighting, water and nutrients are the main inputs that determine the growing cost and prolific yield. As we all know, it’s easy to control the lighting, soil, nutrients, and water. But it is more difficult to control the air humidity, temperature, CO2 and airflow, which also affects the cannabis grow quality and yields very much. Altaqua grow room hvac system is the right choice to handle this job.

CO2 level
Air humidity
Air temperature
Soil temperature

Cannabis plant diseases treatment

Plant diseases are a recurring problem with grow room cannabis production. Cannabis plants are especially subject to foliage diseases due to the high humidity and tightly packed growth. The common cannabis diseases are powdery mildew and gray mold. Powdery mildew and botrytis are encouraged by humidity, which thrives in high humidity and cool temperatures at night, followed by low humidity and hot daytime temperatures.

It is necessary to introduce the IPM program to reduce the incidence of disease. Its physical controls include temperature, sanitation, ventilation, air filtration, and irradiation. Altaqua grow hvac system keeps temperature and humidity stable from fluctuating by heating at night, cooling and dehumidifying all around the day. It help to grow cannabis up to purity standards and yield a consistent crop.

Air conditioner, Dehumidifier and Grow room hvac system

Cannabis has a unique optimal growing profile. In order to promote plant growth and vitality, grow room air temperature, relative humidity, CO2 assimilation, and air cleanliness all need to be optimized. No matter the air conditioner or traditional dehumidifier can not optimize these four core components together.


CO2 level

Relative humidity

Air cleanness

Air conditioner

Air conditioner is designed to control the temperature with dehumidifying as an afterthought. It gets the coils cold enough to lower the air temperature, but not cold enough to condense water out of the air. While sensible demands in the space are being easily met, humidity levels are offen out of control.


Air dehumidifier is also one-dimensional for dehumidifying and does not deliver the cross-functional benefits of environmental control. It is impossible to achieve optimized temperature with humidity together. That will result in high operating costs and can’t help the plants to reach their maximum metabolic rates

The indoor cannabis grow room is a vibrant living ecosystem. Energy pouring into the plants from lights and water, will pour out from the plants in the form of water vapor. Without optimal vapor pressure deficit between the cannabis and the environment, photosynthesis suffers and the risk of pest and pathogen infection increases. So we need to deal well with the latent heat and sensible heat for better transpiration of cannabis. Altaqua grow room hvac combines dehumidifying and air conditioning into one integral unit. It realizes a consolidated control for grow room temperature, humidity, CO2 enrichment, and stable ventilation.

Working principle: Dehumidifying + Air conditioning & Dehumidifying + Air heating

This integrated hvac system succeeds to deliver precise grow conditions. It recycles the heat created by the dehumidifying process, and then efficiently reheat the cold discharge air and keep the space temperature consistent. It makes up for the shortcomings of separate air conditioners and independent dehumidifiers.

Altaqua grow room hvac system can commence with the minimum capacity for start-up, and then add more units in the future as required. It not only reduces the opportunity for pests and pathogens to thrive, but also the capital outlay and streamlines team member training.

How about Altaqua grow room hvac system?

As a company with expertise in both hvac systems and indoor farming, we design and integrate dehumidifying with air conditioning and more functions into one unitary unit. It offers the perfect solution to secure and control the environment throughout the cannabis life cycle, by tighter temperature and humidity control for each cannabis growing phase. It also maximizes energy efficiency while achieving the desired conditions, which lower the growers operating cost.

Altaqua grow hvac system is designed and built for professional cultivation with the best quality components. It succeeds in modulating and controlling the temperature and relative humidity set points together. This helps to adjust the vapor pressure deficit to maintain ideal photosynthetic conditions for cannabis growth. It reduces energy consumption and risks of pest and pathogen contamination, which maximizes the potential of grow room.

It is a complete all-in-one hvac system, which creates the perfect cannabis grow room condition by providing the following adequate control functions;

Relative humidity control

maintain ideal photosynthetic conditions

Air temperature adjustment

maintain ideal photosynthetic conditions

Vapor pressure deficit improve

optimize humidity and temperature together

CO2 enrichment control

effectively stimulate cannabis growth

Room pressure control

best EC fan motor supply variable air flow

Biosecurity level maintain

reduce risk of pest or pathogen infection

Lighting stage control

provide unprecedented level of control

Besides the above introduction, more custom functions are able to develop for you by our engineers’ team. Just feel free to contact us, and we will let you know more details.

Temperature and humidity set-points for each Cannabis grow stage

Mother room

For genetic bank to preserve cannabis varietals.


Temperature: 75℉

Relative humidity: 60%

Clone room

For cuttings taken from plants in the vegetative room.


Temperature: 80℉

Relative humidity: 90%

Vegetative room

Once the cuttings have established a healthy root system, they are moved here to grow prior to flowering.


Temperature: 80℉

Relative humidity: 70%

Flowering room

Fully established plants will be moved from the veg etative room here, and reduce the photoperiod to 12 hours and the plants will begin producing flowers.


Temperature: 70-80℉

Relative humidity: 40-60%

Curing room

Once the cannabis flowers are fully mature, they are cut down and moved here. Special care is needed to preserve terpenes with the help of right temperature and light.


Temperature: 65℉

Relative humidity: 45%

Trim room

Where fan leaves around and in between the cannabis flower are removed. And the trimming can take place before or after drying.


Temperature: 75℉

Relative humidity: 50%

Packaging room

Used to individually package dried cannabis flowers for sales.


Temperature: 75℉

Relative humidity: 50%

Altaqua grow room hvac system will provide accurate humidity and temperature control together, and you can create the best climate condition for the above grow rooms to maximum the cultivation yields. Just contact us for more details.

Altaqua grow room hvac advantages

Mitigate plants risk

protect and maximize the genetics of your plants

Increase revenue

enhance yields & harvest premium cannabis product

Fast return on investment

only take 1~3 years according to projects size and investment

Decrease use of fungicide and pesticide

promote a sustainable, greener grow environment

Custom design available

designed with cannabis vitality in mind to create the ideal environment

Optimize grow space

well-controlled consistent climate conditions across the entire plant canopy

Save energy cost

recover energy technology work with high efficient EC fan motors and compressors

How is the Altaqua grow room hvac system built

Altaqua grow room hvac system is designed with flexibility for medical & recreation cannabis cultivation. It utilizes the latest mature refrigeration technology, and the best components proven to perform well in the grow room environment. It consists of three main systems, the refrigeration system, the ventilation system, and the automatic electric control system.

Energy-saving variable EC fan motor ventilation system

Low static quiet operation and minimize operational costs

Energy recovery refrigeration cooling and heating system

Fast and smooth startup to peak performance maximize VPD for grow

Users-friendly precise automatic electric control system

Designed for commercial use and deliver efficient smoothest control

Build the perfect with the best parts

Insulation sandwich panels avoid cool energy lost
Stainless steel drain pan and 3/4 inch drain coupling
Reheat condenser delivers air near room temperature
Precise Vector temperature and humidity sensors used
Robust aluminum cage structure on channel steel base
Gas sensors and protectors smooth the refrigeration cycle
Easy replace self-sealing air filter protects air vital components
Danfoss expansion valves and Emerson refrigeration parts used
Schneider contactors and breakers protect system from damage
Siemens PLC controller enables accurate settings and diagnostics
Ebmpapst/Eziehl-Abegg EC fan motors very powerful air circulation
High-quality powerful compressors from Bitzer, Copeland & Panasonic

Supported by international famous partners

Well-organized production by the ISO9001 management system

Installation, operation, maintenance of grow room hvac system

Easy installation and debug

  • Duct work connecting according to location
  • Condenser connecting with copper pipes
  • Electric wire connecting with power supply
  • Drain piping connecting for condensing water

Easy control with touch screen

  • Turn on the system and self-check run automatically
  • Choose operation mode between Auto and Manual
  • Set the target air temperature and relative humidity

Easy maintenance for long term use

  • Clean the filters every three months
  • Clean the outdoor condenser coils and fans
  • Clean the dust inside the electric box every year

Capacity range of Alaqua grow room hvac system

Altaqua grow room hvac system combines compact design and best quality parts in capacities ranging from 4 to 61 tons, providing dehumidifying, air conditioning, air heating, adjustable airflow, optional CO2 enrichment and other custom climate control functions.

  • Refrigeration capacity: 5 ~ 72tons
  • Removes water per day: 480 ~ 6,800 pints
  • Delivers variable air flow: 1,500 ~ 20,000 cfm
  • Power supply: 115/230/380/415/580/615Volt, 60/50Hz
  • Two condenser reheat coils for both cooling and heating functions

We offer a complete range of grow-optimized dehumidifier hvac systems for any size grow rooms, grow warehouse, greenhouses, and other indoor farmings, help growers have the precise climate controls for the whole cultivation process smoothly and efficiently. For more detailed information, please feel free to contact us.

Reliable service for Altaqua grow hvac system


We understand the cannabis grow is the very serious investment instead of a hobby. Besides the quality product, you need to handle all the construction and operation with your contractors and consultants.


We are open to work with you and all your partners to customized the hvac system for your indoor farming and other projects. And the service will begin from the design phase to the ultimate solution.

7 x 24

We keep the promise to supply the unrivaled support by the 7×24 service to help identify the issues and direct on every steps, from design, production, test, delivery, installation, debugging, operation and maintenance.

Custom comments on Altaqua grow room hvac

We believe that the companies that listen to their customers grow faster, and so we always appreciate it very much for what our clients say. Customer feedback is the powerful guide that can give us crucial insights into every part of our products, and help us to improve our product to perfect step by step.


So far your grow room hvac machine works very well. I have confidence in my growing business now …

Gregory Gibbons


Your guys’ product is very well built, and just at this time, we decided to use your product for following jobs …

Colum Tinley


Can you make your unit under a different name and give me the distribution right for the Canadian market …

Gerald Patzsch

Projects equipped with Altauqa grow room hvac system

We’ve helped commercial indoor farming facilities in the United States and Canada, where our quality hvac systems are assisting our customers to control the humidity, temperature and air quality in their indoor growing facilities. And we are proud that they all love working with us to solve their indoor framing climate control problems.

Choose the right size of grow room hvac syetem

Grow room hvac system won’t be right if it is too big or if too small.We need to choose the right sizing with enough capacity, which can manage the growing environment and meet the production goals without a huge electricity bill. So how to figure out which model Altaqua grow room hvac system for your project?

First, we must understand that the cannabis grow room is a complex environment. It hosts many living organisms, including plants, people and both bad and good microbes, as well as many processes that are constantly adding or removing energy from the overall ecosystem. Then, we need to consider the following factors of your grow room;

5 Key Factors of Grow Room

Energy balance

Heat is generated by working employees, grow lights, fan motors, water pumps, CO2 burners, and other equipment running. Understanding how much energy will be in the system is key to calculate the capacity hvac system needs to balance the equation.

Plant density

A dense canopy pairing with poorly circulating systems will create microclimates, which result in higher temperatures and relative humidity. It is also an important factor to decide how much capacity your grow hvac system needs.

Daily watering

Water transports nutrients through a plant and gives it a turgor. Almost all of the water you give to a plant’s roots comes out as water vapor via transpiration. As the plants grow and add biomass, more humidity will be created by the plants. It is important to know the amount of water that needs to be removed from the atmosphere.

Project Layout

Different grow rooms provide different floor square footage, walls, ceiling feet high, and grow racks. In order to maintain the unique consistent temperature and humidity level for grow room, it needs to build the right duct-work and airflow layout. Then it can deliver air and remove moisture from the right spots to ensure microclimate is eliminated.

Future expand

We also need to consider the spare capacity for future phases grow, such as adding more plants and expanding your grow room size. Of course, it is necessary and important to minimize initial investment and operating expenses at the beginning.

Just contact us, and our engineers will help you choose the right size grow room hvac system. A good proposal can provide a good balance between the capital costs to maximize profits and optimize long-term expenses. During the last 14 years, we’ve created commercial-grade environmental controls proven to work, our teams are ready to start work with you now!