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Unitary Grow Room HVAC System

Ultimate All-in-One Efficient Technology Solution

Meet Unique Needs of Well Controlled Grow Environment

Why Invest Grow Room HVAC Systems

Different Cannabis Growth Stages Require Different Climate

It's not good to set a static climate in grow room but rather adjusting the environment as your plants move from one phase to the next. The humidity and temperature levels should be regulated at each stage of a cannabis plant’s life to promote healthy growth.


Relative Humidity


Seedling Stage


68-77°F (lights on) / 59-68°F (lights off)

Vegetative Stage

40-70% (Decrease by 5% weekly)

71-82°F (lights on) / 64-75°F (lights off)

Early Flowering Stage

40-50% (Avoid exceeding 60%)

68-79°F (lights on) / 59-70°F (lights off)

Late Flowering Stage


64-75°F (lights on) / 60-68°F (lights off)

Post-Harvest Stage




Unsuitable Temperature and Humidity Create Serious Problems

When growing cannabis, the right balance of temperature and humidity is crucial. An imbalance can lead to various issues, negatively impacting your plants. Here are some common problems caused by inappropriate humidity levels:


Root Rot


Brown, mushy roots; plant wilting.

Caused By

Prolonged high humidity at the plant base.


Powdery Mildew


White, powdery fungus covering plant surfaces.

Caused By

High humidity levels facilitating rapid colonization.


Bud Rot (Botrytis)


Fungal growth; can destroy entire crops.

Caused By

Excessive humidity, especially during the flowering stage.

Control well the humidity and temperature levels can act as a natural shield against common cannabis threats like Bud Rot, Powdery Mildew, and Root Rot. By consistently maintaining these parameters, growers can significantly reduce the chances of outbreaks, ensuring a healthy and abundant harvest. A reliable Grow Room HVAC System is a smart investment. It maintains optimal conditions, protecting your plants and boosting yield.

What Altaqua Grow Room HVAC Systems Do

Redundant and Scalable Humidity and Temperature Control

  • Altaqua-grow-room-hvac-system-0005 Dehumidifying
  • Altaqua-grow-room-hvac-system-0006 Air conditioning
  • Altaqua-grow-room-hvac-system-0007 Air heating

Altaqua Grow Room HVAC Systems masterfully consolidate heating, cooling, and dehumidification processes into one standalone unit. This stands in contrast to the conventional fragmented setups that work in silos and may often conflict. It is meticulously engineered to cater to the unique requirements of cannabis cultivation, ensuring an optimized environment for consistent plant growth.

Right equipment saves money by being more efficient and last longer, it can even bring in more income. The additional cost of superior equipment can often be recovered in the first year. Over a 10 or 15-year period, the return on a quality grow room HVAC system can be hundreds of thousands of dollars in operational savings and increased revenue due to higher quality and more consistent crops.


Offer Abundent Optional Functions for Intelligent Control

  • Altaqua-grow-room-hvac-system-0008 Fresh air ventilation
  • Altaqua-grow-room-hvac-system-0009 Air sterilization control
  • Altaqua-grow-room-hvac-system-0010 CO2 enrichment control

Besides the standard humidity and temperature control functions, Altaqua Grow Room HVAC System can also integrate more optional functions to allow growers increase the operation efficiency. Our experienced engineers are open to the different special requirements from your projects.

Altaqua Grow Room HVAC System control well the grow room humidity and temperature level at the same time, which bring the great harmonious balance to unlock the perfect VPD for plants got grow well. The VPD determines how plants intake water and nutrients, so keeping the right VPD encourages maximum nutrient absorption and robust growth to have a high quality and quantity output.


Why Choose Altaqua Grow Room HVAC System


Use Dew Point Control instead of Relative Humidity

Traditional dehumidification systems measure relative humidity, which is sometimes misleading due to its temperature dependence. The grow room's temperature variations are frequent due to the equipment like grow lights, which will also change the RH level frequently. Dew Point is temperature-independent, which remains steady to provide a more accurate representation of actual moisture conditions. Altaqua grow room HVAC systems provide the temperature and humidity setting together, which bring more reliable and efficient dew point control for consistent yield quality and quantity.


Combine Reheat Coil and Outdoor Condenser Unit

Outdoor Condenser units condense the refrigerant vapor into liquid by releasing heat into the outdoor environment, essential for the cooling cycle and humidity regulation. Contrary to outdoor condenser units,the indoor reheat coil will recover the heat from refrigerant condensation to reheat the dehumidifier air back to the grow room, which ensures the grow room doesn't get too cold after the dehumidification phase, ensuring an ideal grow room temperature. Combining an indoor reheat coil and an outdoor condenser provides unparalleled adaptability and keeps the environment consistent, maximizing the plants' growth potential.


Redundant and Scalable Design Provide Stable Capacity

Our HVAC system is engineered as one to four independent, multi-stage circuits in a single system to provide precise dehumidification and cooling performance, with multi-circuit reliability and redundancy. This design ensures stable operation under varying load conditions, making it ideal for different growth stages.


Versatile Power Supply meets Global Compatibility

Accurate Control from Integrated ElectronicsAustria's E+E brand humidity and temperature sensors provide an accuracy of ±2.5% RH and ±0.54 °F at a wide operating range. Schneider electrics parts provide high reliability with long mechanical and electric life. Customizing operational parameters, moving beyond basic automation, and embracing enhanced energy efficiency allow any control, monitoring, and maintenance functions to be implemented.


Versatile Power Supply Meets Global Compatibility

Recognizing that different countries and regions have unique electrical supply standards, we have designed our units to be globally adaptable. With options like 380V/3Ph/50Hz, 220V/3Ph/60Hz, 460V/3Ph/60V, and more, we ensure our systems seamlessly integrate with local electrical standards, eliminating the headache of electrical compatibility issues.


Precision Supply Air Flange Offers Customizable Airflow

Understanding that a universal solution might not cater to the nuanced requirements of every grow room, our systems offer adjustable airflow directions. Whether you have specific requirements for top, side, or other directional air intakes, our HVAC system can be configured to match your precise needs.


Reliable EC Fan Motor Saves Energy Costs

GreenTech EC technology EC centrifugal fans from EBM-papst provide higher performance and lower sound levels to realize the lowest operating costs. The Fine-tuned variability offers a wide adaptability range to guarantee impeccable crop conditions, whether it's intense moisture or fluctuating temperatures.


Wi-Fi Control Provide Easy Access & Control

24/7 real-time Internet monitoring via Wi-Fi control allows real-time monitoring and adjustments, ensuring you're always in command, irrespective of where you are, which ensures peak performance and lower service costs. It can also provide modbus communication to merge our product with your existing building management systems Seamlessly. Centralize, streamline, and ascend to unparalleled operational efficiency.


Trusted Compressors Guarantee Stable Operation

Long-stable operation is the most crucial requirement for all the grow room equipment because of the massive investment in cannabis projects. So Altaqua grow room HVAC systems use international brands compressors trusted by HVAC professionals worldwide, such as Copeland, Danfoss, Panasonic, and Bitzer, which provide efficient, reliable, and regulation-ready performance to prepare for the industry’s toughest challenges.


Enhanced Performance with ABB Variable Frequency Drives

Our HVAC systems integrate ABB Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) for optimal control over outdoor fan speeds. This not only enhances system performance but also contributes to energy savings and noise reduction. The VFDs adapt to varying environmental conditions, ensuring efficient and stable operation across all phases of plant growth.

How Altaqua Grow Room HVAC System Built

Intellectual Property Excellence in HVAC Manufacturing

Altaqua's dedication to innovation is showcased in its extensive patent portfolio. Holding twelve invention patents and fifty-four utility models, Altaqua excels in creating advanced technologies. Key patents include an integrated structural refrigerator, a refrigerant self-balancing device, and an energy-efficient swimming pool heat pump system. These innovations highlight Altaqua's proficiency in developing sustainable, energy-efficient HVAC solutions, perfectly tailored for the dynamic needs of the cannabis cultivation industry.


Get Quality Parts from Best Suppliers

Altaqua boasts a robust supply chain, featuring partnerships with globally recognized suppliers known for their exceptional quality in refrigeration parts. We collaborate closely with industry leaders like Danfoss, Panasonic, and ABB, ensuring our HVAC systems are composed of the finest components available. This strategic alliance with top brands not only underlines our commitment to quality but also guarantees that each system we produce is equipped to meet the high demands of grow room environments with reliability and efficiency.

Assembly by Experienced Technician

Our technical team's commitment to excellence is reflected in our meticulous quality management process, ensuring each product meets the highest standards. By adopting lean manufacturing principles and strictly adhering to the ISO 9001 International Quality Control Standard, we achieve unparalleled quality at every production stage. We manufacture high-quality, reliable units that stand the test of time.


Each Unit Tested Well by Engineers


Strict QC from Start to the End


Well Packed and Delivery to the World


Get ETL Certifcate from Intertek 

The ETL Mark is proof of product compliance with North American safety standards. Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs) and code officials across the US and Canada accept the ETL Listed Mark as proof of product compliance to published industry standards. Altaqua grow room HVAC systems pass the test and get certified by Intertek’s ETL Certification program, which is our testament to our unwavering commitment to product compliance with North American safety standards with top-tier quality.

Which Altaqua Grow Room HVAC System Model


Altaqua grow room HVAC system offer a wide range of capabilities are available to accommodate a variety of grow room sizes, from 5 tons to 65 tons. Power supply cover 220V/3phase/60Hz, 460V/3Phase/60Hz, 380V/3Phase/50Hz and other customiez.

  • Moisture removal: 27 to 317 lbs/hr
  • Refrigeration capacity: 5 to 65 tons
  • Airflow handling: 1,350 to 17,500 CFM

3 Easy Step to Get the Right Models HVAC System for Your Project


Reach Out to Us

Contact us and start a brief discussion about your project and the goals you want to achieve.


Explore Your Options

Our engineers team will articulate the right HVAC systems options suitable for your choice.


Customized Proposals

We will offer the customized and economic solutions proposals to meet your speical goals.

How to Use Altaqua Grow Room HVAC System


Smooth and Easy Installation

In the world of HVAC systems, installation can be daunting, often involving multiple steps, intricate procedures, and complex manuals. However, Altaqua Grow Room HVAC System provides an intuitive process from pipingwork and ductwork to electrical connection. The users will no longer have to grapple with cumbersome installations, and it's as straightforward as possible.

Simple but Unique Operation


Precise VPD Control

Altaqua grow room HVAC system is meticulously designed considering the distinct temperature and humidity demands at every stage of plant growth. The Siemens PLC control panels display the current VPD and target VPD. Just set your desired combination of humidity and temperature target, and our system will do the rest accordingly to create the ideal growth environment.


Seamless Operation

Leveraging the power of Siemens Smart PLC and HMI, our system offers an adaptable and efficient program according to cannabis growing needs. Choose from three different control settings tailored to your grow room's needs. Set your target humidity and temperature, and watch as the machine dynamically adapts by switching functions.


Remote Control Technology

Our advanced online system provides 24x7 access, facilitating real-time internet monitoring and Wi-Fi control. Whether you're using a desktop, tablet, or smartphone, our platform ensures uninterrupted control tailored for your convenience.

Comfort & Convenient Maintenance

Although Altaqua grow room havc system is built for minimal service downtime, periodic preventative maintenance is still required to ensure maximum reliability, safety, and operating efficiency. The most common and helpful maintenance tasks are two key points:

1. Maintain clean air filters and replace dirty filters regularly.
2. Maintain clean air-side coils and keep them clean regularly.

Create a facility-specific routine maintenance program and follow it, then you can have the equipment longevity and efficiency.


HVAC Engineers Team Support HVAC Operate Well

As the manufacturer of the equipment, we understand how to keep it working exactly as it should, unlike the third-party maintenance providers, who don’t know the industry or have to spend valuable time trying to figure out how your equipment works.







Our engineers are true HVAC specialists who do nothing but HVAC service. You can just focus on growing. We will keep HVAC equipment running perfectly to provide the expected performance. All our equipment is backed with industry-leading service and support to provide you with no worry ownership experience.

We are ready to work with you through Zoom meetings, phone calls, emails and other channels that are convenient for you.

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