Grow Room HVAC System 

Designed for commercial growing facilities

to provide Dehumidifying + Cooling, 

Dehumidifying + Heating and

Air Ventilation all year round. Creating an ideal growing environment for your plants at each stage

Veg Room

Temperature: 80℉

Relative humidity: 70%

Grow room HVAC system - veg room
Flowering Room

Temperature: 70-80℉

Relative humidity: 40-60%

grow room hvac - flower
Mother Room

Temperature: 75℉

Relative humidity: 60%

grow room hvac - mother room
Clone Room

Temperature: 70-80℉

Relative humidity: 90%

grow room hvac - clone


  • Removals of Water: 25 to 272 pints/hr
  • Air Flow: 1,500 to 17,000 cfm
  • Refrigeration Capacity: 6 to 65 tons
  • Power Supply: 460V/3ph/60Hz, 220V/3ph/60Hz
  • Further Optimize Your Indoor Grow Room Conditions

    Our grow room HVAC system provides intelligent control of all environmental conditions needed to ensure optimal growing conditions. 

    It achieves the requirement of both humidity and temperature. It controls the humidity level by setting a target, say from 40%RH to 70%RH, while providing cool air or heated air, say 70℉~80℉, which are the perfect climate conditions for growing. 

    Fresh air ventilation with auto or manual mode according to CO₂ level requirement.

    Grow room HVAC jpg. 1
    Grow Room HVAC functions 3


    Enhanced with integrated intelligent controls, the GA-series optimizes the essential components that require precise control for the best growth of your plants. This system by Altaqua isn't hindered by the usual limitations of HVAC systems like flexibility and scalability, making it the perfect way for you to maintain proper environmental conditions to optimize growth, and reduce excessive energy consumption.

    grow room hvac system - refrigeration system
    grow room hvac system - fans
    Grow room hvac system - control system


    • Specially designed for indoor grow rooms with high humidity levels and temperature control
    • Independent refrigeration circuit and staged control by PLC


    Multiple compressor design for redundancy with scalable performance

    International prestigious brands include Danfoss, Copeland (Emersion), Bitzer, Panasonic, Daikin, etc

    Low-maintenance operation that requires less service


    • Accurately adjust the capacity according to loads requirements of different growing stage 
    • Innovate EC technology for high-performance and high efficiency


    Compact design, stackable and modular are available

    Low operating costs, low maintenance cost

    Optimized flow control and sophisticated EC motor commutation make quiet operation

    A range of different materials for options (steel, SS, composite materials)


    • Smart PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), specially designed for indoor climate control
    • Easy operation on the interface (HMI) and easy to troubleshoot


    Remote control with Cloud system or WIFI

    Comprehensive protection for various overload, shortages, etc

    Optional programs are available

    International prestigious brands include Siemens, Schneider, ABB, and Johnson Controls

    Discover more features

    Expansion Valve

    Reliable brands of Danfoss, Emerson.Higher power efficiency and better temperature control

    Air Filter

    MERV 8, allow filtration of tiny impurities, upgrading evel for high standard is available 


    Insulation sandwich panels with robust aluminum cage structure on channel steel base


    Vector humidity / temperature sensor, from the USA. Easy set and reduce power consumption

    Reheat Coils / Evaporator

    Advanced process and high performance for dehumidification, cooling and heating

    Drain Pan

    All drain pans and drainge couping use 304# stainless steel for strong corrosion protection

    What we bring service

    and why it matters

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    Choose a Right Grow Room HVAC System for your Plants 

    The first and most important way to control the temperature in your grow room is by installing the right HVAC system. You should select the HVAC size after carefully considering the size of your grow room and the number of plants you plan to grow.

    Moreover, the HVAC should be energy efficient to keep the power bills in check while also perfectly controlling your grow room's air temperature. Finally, it should have a good system with dehumidification, temperature control, and air ventilation to prevent the chances of bud rot developing on your plants.

    How to Figure Out which Model of Altaqua GA-series for your project?

    First, we must understand that the cannabis grow room is a complex environment. It hosts many living organisms, including plants, people and both bad and good microbes, as well as many processes that are constantly adding or removing energy from the overall ecosystem.

    Then, we need to consider the following factors of your grow room.

    5 Key Factors of Grow Rooms

    1. Energy Balance

    Heat is generated by working employees, grow lights, fan motors, water pumps, CO2 burners, and other equipment running. Understanding how much energy will be in the system is key to calculate the capacity hvac system needs to balance the equation.

    2. Plant Density

    A dense canopy pairing with poorly circulating systems will create microclimates, which result in higher temperatures and relative humidity. It is also an important factor to decide how much capacity your grow HVAC system needs.

    3. Daily Watering

    Water transports nutrients through a plant and gives it a turgor. Almost all of the water you give to a plant’s roots comes out as water vapor via transpiration. As the plants grow and add biomass, more humidity will be created by the plants. It is important to know the amount of water that needs to be removed from the atmosphere.

    4. Project Layout

    Different grow rooms provide different floor square footage, walls, ceiling feet high, and grow racks. In order to maintain the unique consistent temperature and humidity level for grow room, it needs to build the right duct-work and airflow layout. Then it can deliver air and remove moisture from the right spots to ensure microclimate is eliminated.

    5. Future Expand

    We also need to consider the spare capacity for future phases grow, such as adding more plants and expanding your grow room size. Of course, it is necessary and important to minimize initial investment and operating expenses at the beginning.

    Altaqua's Grow Room HVAC System 

    Installation, Operation and Maintenance

    Easy installation and debug

    • Duct work connecting according to location
    • Condenser connecting with copper pipes
    • Electric wire connecting with power supply
    • Drain piping connecting for condensing water

    Easy control with touch screen

    • Turn on the system and self-check run automatically
    • Choose operation mode between Auto and Manual
    • Set the target air temperature and relative humidity

    Easy maintenance for long term use

    • Clean the filters every three months
    • Clean the outdoor condenser coils and fans
    • Clean the dust inside the electric box every year

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