Grow Room/Greenhouse Humidity Study

The temperature and humidity relationship is ultimate, and if they are balanced, they can do wonders with any kind of crop. Humidity control is crucial for the grow room and greenhouses. Plants require optimum humidity and temperature for best yield – humidity for seedling and during flowering. When growing cannabis in the grow rooms, it’s essential to avoid humidity extremes … Read more

Relative Humidity, Temperature and Dew Point

What is Relative Humidity? Relative Humidity (RH) measures the air’s water vapor content/ moisture. Or, in another term, it is the amount of water vapor present in air expressed as a percentage (%RH) of the amount required to get saturation at the same temperature. For better understanding, take an example, if the Relative Humidity is 50%, then the air is only … Read more

Understanding the selection and setup of grow room lights

What is grow light? They are power-driven lights used when nurturing plants in the house. They deliver a light range that’s either akin to the sun or custom-made to meet the plant’s optimum conditions for growth. Unlike ordinary incandescent light, grow lights used in cultivating cannabis have a unique light spectrum that aids to increase your reap, control THC levels … Read more

What cause bud rot, how to prevent bud rot

What cause bud rot? Now that we understand what cause bud rot essentially is, let’s consider all the reasons why your plants could be suffering from it. This mold can be a result of moisture buildup, so if you’ve experienced heavy rainfall or high humidity, these are the most common culprits. Below, we have summarized some major factors that could … Read more