Why Reheat-Coil Is Gradually Replaced?

The cannabis industry is growing at an accelerated pace in the United States and Canada. This has resulted in HVAC engineers and designers being constantly challenged to offer innovative and improved solutions to the market.

Indoor grow facilities deal with numerous varying conditions caused by daily temperature cycles and external climates. These need to maintain to ensure profitable growth.Only by carefully monitoring and maintaining the relative humidity levels and temperatures can you achieve optimal growth of your plants.

Scalable HVAC systems are essential to increase cannabis production and grow your business well. Your HVAC system should be able to detect shifts in the grow room environment. Any necessary changes should then make to ensure that your plants get the best growing conditions.

Unfortunately, dehumidification systems consisting of reheat coils have fallen short recently. They lack the means to get the coils cold enough to decrease high-temperature conditions effectively. Moreover, they also don’t have the necessary elements to condense water out of the air to maintain the relative humidity levels at the required percentage.

Most new cannabis growers opt for cheaper dehumidification systems consisting of reheating coils in the start-up phase. It helps them ensure lower costs in the initial months.However, they don’t realize that they will eventually need more capital to upgrade to a better commercial dehumidifier.

Therefore, it is better to start planning for the future from the get-go. There simply is no need to start with a poorly functioning reheat coil. Instead, grow experts recommend that you deploy an ‘intelligent’ HVAC system from Altaqua. It will offer your business the perfect push to start on the right foot and ensure a successful future.

how does a reheat coil work

Dehumidification systems with reheat coils were commonly used in the past to maintain the moisture levels of cannabis grow rooms. However, reheating coils aren’t really a cost-effective option for people who need to control moisture levels in large-scale grow facilities.

This is because these coils simply cool the air using your air conditioners. The heating coils’ mechanism pulls out moisture, hence maintaining the correct humidity levels. Instead of throwing the heat outside, these reheating coils put it back into the original airflow. The result is your air conditioner being forced to work as a poorly designed dehumidifier to maintain temperature and humidity.

This traditional approach to maintaining humidity levels might be widely accepted, but there are no doubts about its inefficiency. Not only are you throwing away money on a less effective system, but you’re also wasting precious energy. What makes it even worse is that there are better, more efficient options out there. So, there really is no reason to continue using reheating coils instead of a commercial dehumidifier from Altaqua.

Here are some more reasons why it’s high time you give up the reheat coils and invest in dehumidification systems.

  • Using the air conditioner in reheat mode can affect its cooling effect. Thus, you will not be able to maintain optimal temperature conditions for cannabis growth.
  • Growers often install more air conditions to combat this issue, which is hardly a solution. This only creates a dent in your investments without offering an effective solution.
  • Since reheating coils work by recirculating indoor air, they use up more energy. Therefore, money is a waste on cooling the same air countless times.

A Better Choice Than Reheat Coils

Asking an air conditioner to heat air and maintain humidity levels of your grow room goes against their normal use. As a result, this ineffective system will bring you crazy electricity bills every month. A better, more viable option is to let ACs focus on what they do best. The dehumidification job should be left to highly effective commercial dehumidifiers by Altaqua.

Commercial dehumidification units with a few ACs eliminate the need to re-cool the same heated air several times. Your grow facility will enjoy the benefits of optimal temperature and humidity levels without multiple ACs working on full blast. This reduces operational costs, utility bills and allows your plants a better environment to thrive in.

Have you been scouring the market to find your ideal solution for all temperature and humidity control needs? Altaqua offers different kinds of HVAC systems to meet all your needs!

Grow Room HVAC System

The GA-series HVAC is an intelligent temperature and humidity control system. It creates the perfect cooling conditions, vapor removal, and airflow maintenance to ensure your cannabis plants grow well. In addition, an advanced system incorporates all your control needsTherefore, you will no longer need to invest in separate AC units or hefty dehumidification equipment.

Grow Room Dehumidifier

Altaqua’s GS series offers a set of exceptional dehumidifiers that promise the perfect solution for all your greenhouse humidity issues. They come with a flexible hanging installation method to save you precious space. They also give out powerful circulating air that has a maximum water removal capacity.

Final Words

In the end, it is vital to understand the need to let go of the old and welcome the new. Reheat coils might have been widely used, but with better performing commercial dehumidifiers now available in the market, why not invest in the best for your plants.They surely deserve it, and you’ll thank yourself for the reduced costs!