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Product Display and Parts Introduction of Altaqua Grow Room HVAC System

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2 years ago
Altaqua grow room HVAC system built to perfection with the finest parts: *Insulation sandwich panels avoid cool energy lost *Stainless steel drain pan and 3/4 inch drain coupling *Reheat condenser delivers air near room temperature *Precise Vector temperature and humidity sensors used *Robust aluminum cage structure on channel steel base *Gas sensors and protectors smooth the refrigeration cycle *Easy replace self-sealing air filter protects air vital components *Danfoss expansion valves and Emerson refrigeration parts used *Schneider contactors and breakers protect system from damage *Siemens PLC controller enables accurate settings and diagnostics *Ebmpapst/Eziehl-Abegg EC fan motors very powerful air circulation *High-quality powerful compressors from Bitzer, Copeland & Panasonic