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Commercial Grow Room Hvac Design | Budding Legal Cannabis Industry Needs Specialized HVAC Grow Room

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3 years ago
Altaqua Commercial Grow Room Hvac will take out the water from the air and return the desired temperature and relative humidity properly. It will create a uniform optimal climate condition inside the grow room, effectively reduce the plant's diseases and pesticides consumed, which guarantee more yield and better quality, with more than 50% energy saving at the same time. It has four main operating modes: 1、Only dehumidifying 2、Dehumidifying + air heating, 3、Dehumidifying + air conditioning, 4、Only air ventilation Besides the above standard functions, our commercial grow room HVAC system also provides fresh air, EVR, LED grow light on timer setting, CO2 generator on/off signal, and more functions that can be custom-made according to your requirements. Our commercialgrow room HVAC system capacity range is from 4 Ton to 64Ton. The total cooling capacity is 7 tons, vertical design. The heating capacity is 32.7 kW, The sensible cooling capacity is 14.9 kW. It is integrated with two parts, the indoor unit, and the outdoor condenser unit. let’s check how to control this grow room HVAC system If you want to know more details about our climate control system, Please contact our professional sales team. If you're interested in our videos, you can also subscribe to my channel #growroom #buddinglegalcannabis #growroomhvac