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Altaqua grow room dehumidifier | Reasons for Insulation

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8 months ago
In the refrigeration system of a dehumidifier, it is generally the refrigerant piping from the evaporator outlet to the compressor inlet on the low-pressure side that needs to be insulated with cotton. This is done for several reasons: Prevent Condensation: When the surface temperature of the piping is lower than the dew point of the surrounding air, condensation may form on the surface of the pipe. Insulating with cotton can reduce this condensation phenomenon. Energy Efficiency: The refrigerant on the low-pressure side has already absorbed heat through evaporation. If this part of the refrigerant loses some heat before flowing to the compressor, the overall energy efficiency of the system would be compromised. Compressor Protection: Insulation ensures that the state of the gas entering the compressor is closer to the design conditions, which also helps in the long-term stable operation of the compressor.