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Grow Room Dehumidifier

Control Ideal Humidity For Cannabis Grow
Economic, Efficient, Easy Use

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High Humidity Problem

High levels of humidity can cause kinds of problems for indoor cultivating, you need a grow room dehumidifier.

1. Powder Mildew

Many fungi like to grow in high-humidity environments. Molds and fungal spores will multiply and spread through the air or water, easily infect plants and affect the quality and yield.


2. Weaken Nutrients Absorption

Plants generally use transpiration to absorb water for healthy growth. High humidity will weaken the transpiration of plant leaves, which will decrease the plant’s ability to absorb and transform nutrients.


3. Affect Respiration & Photosynthesis

High humidity will also condense the leaf surface water, which will seal the stomata and weaken respiration, and maybe stop their photosynthesis, and then the yellow leaves will appear.


4. Cause Some Unsafe & Unstable Factors

High humidity will also cause water droplets on the top and wall of the to grow room, which will also cause some unsafe and unstable factors.


Altaqua Grow Room Dehumidifier

The ideal solution for your grow room and greenhouse humidity problems

  • Industrial-grade humidity control capability, with a water removal capacity of up to 587 pints/day.
  • Heat exchangers with epoxy gold coating for anti-corrosion for better performance & long lifespan.
  • MERV-8 filters allow filtration of impurities, easy to clean and replace. High- standard filter level is available.
  • The powerful circulating air sucks moist air and sends out dry air, creating a healthy growing environment and keeping them away from pests and diseases.
  • The flexible installation method saves your space.

Why Choose Altaqua grow room dehumidifier


Product Capacity

Based on the same standard @80.6℉, 60%RH, our grow room dehumidifier capacity is far greater than


Technical Parameters

Altaqua Advantages

Technical data based on medium temperature and medium humidity @ 80.6F, 60%RH

Especially for grow rooms, medium temperature, and humidity 80 F, 60%RH, very close to the ideal growing environment, and apparent dehumidifying capacity in daily operation.

These medium temperature and medium humidity designed standard conditions can operate stably while temperature and humidity are low.

To handle humid air at a lower temperature need a much lower evaporating temperature, need a lower dew point, which means a lower inlet temp, need a higher standard for refrigeration system design, and greater difficulties.


Technical data is mostly based on high temperature and high humidity @ 86F, 80%RH

× Unit is designed based on 86 F, 80%RH, working conditions, mainly used for industrial places and home applicants.

× As to its high temp & high humidity designed standard condition, it can't operate stably while temperature and humidity are low. Even if it stops while the return air temp reaches 15 C to defrost, humidity increases rapidly along with the frost melting.

× You will only get almost half capacity in a normal growing environment 80F, 60%, while you buy a nominal unit capacity of 500 [email protected], 80%RH. That won't happen if you use our unit.

Product Components

We only use prestigious brand components for our grow room dehumidifier for stable and reliable performance. It is easy to find these brand components on the market for a replacement. You could compare with the component from others.


Heat Exchanger


Epoxy Golden Coating

  • This coating resists corrosion and ensures better performance of our product.
  • It can also protect heat exchangers from damage and maintain a long lifespan.

Simple Hydrophilic Blue Coating

  • The corrosion resistance of this coating is poor, thus affecting product performance.
  • It can cause damage to heat exchangers and shorten their lifespan.

Air Filter


MERV-8 Filter

  • Allow filtration of smaller impurities inside the air, making your grow room cleaner.
  • Easy to clean and replace.
  • A high standard filter level is available to upgrade.

Nylon Mesh Filter

  • Poor filtration performance with nylon material.
  • Filtration efficiency is easily affected by cleaning.
  • Short lifespan.

How to Choose a Right Grow Room Dehumidifier?

The Altaqua team is here to help you choose a dedicated dehumidifier and work with you to find a humidity control solution that integrates your existing HVAC system and infrastructure. It not only prevents diseases caused by high humidity but also lowers running expenses and preserves the entire harvest.

Our grow room dehumidifier was developed by our engineers, flexible and customized addressed for the following aspects:

  • Correct model size
  • Air flow (ventilation)
  • Installation (Replacement)
  • Operation

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