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Dehumidifier for Grow Room: 4 Key Factors for the Perfect Choice

Are you planning to perfect your cannabis grow room dehumidifier setup?

Knowing what kind of dehumidifier for grow room should be bought, the size of the unit, and how to place it will help maintain a stable environment and reduce the risk of creating microclimates where humidity spikes and mold may vanish your crops.

Besides, when growing cannabis, it is vital to consider giving your plants proper air, water, and lighting, and once these three are sorted, you can see the perfect growth of your cannabis crops.

Choose The Perfect Solution Of Dehumidifier For Grow Room
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Managing Humidity Means More Predictable Yields

Humidity plays a crucial role in growing cannabis; hence you better know what humidity is and why it is important for the plants.

Humidity is all about the amount of moisture content present in the air. It is said to be beneficial for the growth of the cannabis plant in different ways during the various stages of the plant’s life cycle.

For example, if your plant is young and still growing toward maturity, it requires a good amount of humidity to absorb water from the air and not put pressure on its roots.

But, once the plant matures, it is essential to lower the humidity level because a mature plant might be preparing to bloom or is already producing flowers. At this stage, crops need lots of nutrients, and humidity needs to be lowered with the help of the best dehumidifier in grow room.

Over here, you can understand how much humidity your plants need for better growth.

It must be noted that, like other plants, the humidity requirements of the cannabis plant change depending on what stage of its development.

Here are Relative Humidity (RH) details, which your plants require for perfect growth as follows:

-Seedlings (12-20 days): 65%-70% RH

-Vegetation: 40%-70% RH

-Flowering (3-4 weeks): 40%-50% RH

-Late flowering (1-3 weeks): 35%-50% RH

Factors to Choose Dehumidifier For Grow Room

With so many dehumidification and HVAC options in the market for cannabis cultivators, it may be difficult for growers to select the right system to meet their specific situation.

But, not to worry, as the mentioned factors will help hobbyists, caregivers, and commercial growers pick the right-to-grow room dehumidifier for ultimate results.

Size of the Operation

When picking the right kind of greenhouse dehumidifier and HVAC system, it is crucial to overlook the size of a cultivation operation or the amount of cannabis growing in the area.

If there are more plants in your grow room, the greater moisture in the air must be managed. Therefore, the number of plants you grow in your facility and where they are kept will play a key role in determining what kind of grow dehumidifier you need, how many you need, and where they should be placed to deliver complete coverage.

The Size and Layout of Your Facility

You should measure the size of your facility, which is critical to determine how powerful your dehumidification system should be.

If it is a larger area, the more air filling it, the more moisture needs to be absorbed. Therefore, only a robust and sizeable greenhouse humidity control unit is better to buy than a more compact space for such a facility.

If the dehumidifier is not powerful enough to support your entire cannabis growing area, it will lead to microclimates forming, affecting your crops.

Also, if a room is particularly long, it may require multiple dehumidifiers spaced evenly apart to create a circular airflow, which will effectively help plants from mold and fungus.


Lighting is another key consideration when determining HVAC and dehumidification needs in a cultivation space.

You should check all about lighting in your grow room to buy the best dehumidifier for the growing room, including- what kind of lighting your grow room needs, what lighting intensity, and how many are there.

Light represents the energy that goes into the system, and they also produce heat that needs to be removed through air conditioning.

Cannabis Growing Strategies

It must be noted that to pick up the best grow room dehumidifier.

It would be best to consider what methods are used in your grow room, including how your plants are raised, whether they will be potted in soil and watered, provided with a different substrate, or irrigated. You should know everything before investing in any grow room humidity control unit.

Overlooking what methodology you apply to cannabis growing will surely help you guide the type of dehumidifier you should use.

Commercial Dehumidifier for Grow Room

If you are seeking the most powerful, affordable, and high-end product for your cannabis grow room - Altaqua grow room HVAC is just for you. The system offers wide range for small to large spaces and control temperature, humidity, and airflow to tight specifications.

For your grow room dehumidifier quest, this is the perfect solution that will provide everything your grow room needs to maintain static environmental settings for optimal yield and quality of the plants.

As the quality, consistency, and value of your cannabis yield are highly dependent on how best you can control the humidity around your plants. Hence, if you don’t want to leave anything to chance, Altaqua grow room HVAC is an ideal dehumidifier for your project.

Overall, a best grow room dehumidifier is designed to meet growers’ needs. One can seamlessly use this to promote a better environment and get rid of the excess humidity that most growers complain about.


1.Do I need a dehumidifier in my grow room?

Yes, a dehumidifier can be beneficial in a grow room. It helps control humidity levels, preventing mold growth and other humidity-related issues.

2.How big of a dehumidifier do I need for a grow room?

The size of the dehumidifier needed for a grow room depends on the room's size, the number of plants, and the local climate. A professional can help you determine the correct size.

3.Can you put a dehumidifier in a grow room?

Yes, you can put a dehumidifier in a grow room. It helps maintain the ideal humidity level for your plants.

4.Where should I place dehumidifier in grow room?

Place the dehumidifier in a central location in your grow room. Ensure it's not obstructing airflow and it's accessible for maintenance and emptying the water reservoir.

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